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The daily update

I realize that these photos are completely boring to everyone but me, but to me, they are like a trophy.  Today’s update, after much chopping of dirt, hosing, chopping and hosing, shoveling and raking, rolling and moving…here’s where I am.

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll scoot it out via skateboard into the woods across the street and finish the process of filling in the hole and planting grass.  Maybe then….maybe…I can take a break!  🙂


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It’s out!

Many MANY thanks to my Todd’s (yes, multiple!) yesterday for rescuing me from the horrid stump that has been ruling my life!!!!!  I swear, it took longer to get the truck over the curb than it did to pull the damn thing!

And poof!  out it came.  I was awarded several “man, you really did a good job” type comments on this, which were wonderful.  It (the stump) at present, is still sitting in the hole since I tried very hard to hose off some of the dirt and make it a bit lighter for removal.  Today’s job will be finishing that, and getting that dang thing outta my yard.  Thank you to my neighbors who were so kind to allow me to drive across their yards (which, to his credit, todd did not even muss!  I’m talkin some bent grass but that’s it!) and for being patient with me during my fits of anger at this stump.  Big todd was laughing at me yesterday as I was trying to pry this thing up to hose under it…kept saying “gwon, get mad at it!”  It was amusing, sweaty hot work, but I’m so thrilled it’s finally detached from mother earth.

On an additional note, but the same “theme” of it’s out, Congratulations to my friends P & K on the birth of their son Wesley this past Friday.  Good luck and God Bless to them.


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Thoughts on Photoshop

I was reading an article….several actually…recently on the detriment of Photoshopped glamor photos on the health of young girls.  The theory is that most young people don’t realize that magazine photos have been digitally altered to improve the look of the person in the image.  Frankly, in this day and age, I find that totally ludicrous!  Today’s generation are infinitely more computer savvy than my generation, simply because of availability.  Growing up, we did not have access to the tools, the world, the way that they do.  I think that the majority of people today realize that the look of most stars, whether digitally or physically, has been altered, and accept that.

I personally am a huge fan of Photoshop.  I am self-taught, and enjoy learning/trying/doing lots of things…creating scrapbook pages, papers, cards, photos etc.  I think it’s a wonderful program, with lots of potential and possibility for creativity.

As a photographer, I am often asked if my photos have been digitally altered.  And for the most part, other than some color correction or sharpening, they really aren’t.  The exception of course is portraits. People having their photo taken expect them to look perfect, and know that it can be done relatively simply in post processing.  Although I keep my retouching simple, I love to show my daughter and her friends how drastically you can change a portrait in photoshop.  We’ve done photos of them simply to alter them, to show how magazine photos are retouched dramatically.  They then look in the magazines, and comment on the photos, finding the obviously altered images and commenting on them.  They tell their friends, and even come home to tell me about photos they saw on billboards, magazines, ads, etc. and how they recognized certain traits of an altered photo.  They have a healthy view of beauty, and of themselves because they realize that the purpose of these ads, photos, etc are primarily to sell a product!

So, the question is, can a photo of a person be altered digitally and still be realistic?  Absolutely.  Removing a zit that appears on photo day is a natural thing to do. Adding make-up, a touch of eyeliner, not a big deal. Touch-ups like that are quick, easy and make your customer happy.   Making dramatic changes like a nose job, eye lift, etc, that is up to the individual post-processing and the customer receiving the photos.  Do I think it will cause a dramatic change in the health of the viewer?  No, no I don’t.

Just for fun, I did a drama remake on DD.  She’s a beautiful girl as is, but thought I would just give you an idea of what can be done (for all you non-shoppers out there).  Is it dramatic?  Yes.  Realistic?  Yes.  Does it make her a better person?  Absolutely not.  🙂

This shot is SOOC, the only change is that it was rotated.  Isn’t she lovely??

A drastic change to say the least.  She’s had an eyebrow lift, a nose job, fat sucked from her cheeks, collagen to the lips, a hair transplant, dermabrasion and make up, eyelash implant and a haircolor job.

By the way, the other great thing about this is that she will CRAP when she sees photos of herself on my blog.

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Today I want to talk about something a little more serious. Reverting back to my Natural Health Background, I want to discuss/share information with you on the Q-Link

The Q-Link is a personal Energy System, worn around the neck. I’ve known several people who have worn them for years, and have heard their praise of the system, but this was my first “personal” experience, and I had to share with you.

The Q-Link system creates a linked energy system with your body after some time, some people notice a difference in just a few hours, others may take up to 30 days. Once this system is in place, the Q-Link works with your energy field to help relieve, even remove the symptoms and conditions of stress. Many people, my friends included reported increased energy, better emotional balance and a feeling of strength and health. The Q-Link also acts as a barrier against the onslaught of Electromagnetic Devices (EMD’s) like power lines, computers, and cell phones.

I have a friend who works for a major Railroad. Not only do they run diesel engines but electrics as well. There is constant exposure to EMD’s, and he was having a lot of trouble sleeping, feeling constantly run down, lethargic and suffered from frequent bouts of extreme stress and worry to complete exhaustion. While in VA a few weeks ago, I picked up a Q-Link for him. Not really expecting him to be interested, or even to understand the concept. I just hoped that the system would provide and bring him some relief.

I am happy to report that in less than a month he reports an amazing improvement. He states that he’s sleeping better, feeling more energy (despite an insane schedule) and feels as though he has a “better grasp on things”.

He wears his Q-LInk at all times under his shirt. He has discussed it with a few other engineers at his work, and I know that they are looking into the information as well. That’s all that I’m asking you to do. Take a look at Q-LInk’s website and read the studies for yourself.

There are hundreds of major athletes wearing Q-Link right now (Including Josh Beckett!!!!!!!!) and are reporting great results.   I also have one.  I’m no major athlete, but am a full time single mom trying to start/run a business and do home improvements.  I am happy to report that since wearing it, I’ve shown a MARKED improvement in my allergies, my “brain fog”, better focus, improved mood, clarity AND I’ve lost 6 pounds (ok….not a direct result of the Q-Link, but a side effect from the emotional improvements I’m feeling!)

If, after you read the studies and all the information, if you find that you are interested in getting a Q-Link for yourself, please, call my friends at The Natural Path ( or drop them a note.  They will get one right out to you.  Mention you heard it from me, and they’ll give you a really great deal on one.


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Garden Visitor

While DS and I were working on the garden today (more below) we found a little visitor!  DS was THRILLED with the discovery, and demanded photos.  For your viewing pleasure, please meet “Mr. T.”

Isn’t he a cutie?  I just love hop toads, and was very pleased to find this little guy.  DS spent a HUGE part of his life being scared of them, so it was doubly nice that he was so anxious to hold and pet the little toad.  Pardon his FILTHY hands, but as I mentioned, we were workin in the garden! It took quite a while to convince him to let the toad go, but found him a nice spot amongst my flowers to spend the day.

Our reason for being out in the yuk heat and humidity was to stop a battle between the squash and cucumbers.  The peppers planted nearby were suffering terribly (read not growing at all).  So….a garden addition had to be dug, grass removed, tilled, turned etc, then peppers were dug up and moved and cucumbers were detached from the other plants (what a pain) and dug up and moved to their new happy home, which also allows them to climb up the fence!  It’s nice to see everything coming up, since I wasn’t sure how it was going to do…at the bottom of the hill, lot of water run-off, plus the only thing that ever grew there were two scrubby junipers and some weeds. Let’s hope everyone responds happily to the transplant!

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Heads or Tails – Line

This week’s theme over at Skittle’s Place is “Line”. And you can’t tell me that you’re surprised with my take on the theme!

This is a portion of my very favorite Railroad Line. Actually, it is one of my very favorite spots on the line! There is a single pull-off parking spot here…and from that vantage point, it seems as though the train is coming right at you. At night it is so beautiful, so exciting, well, lets just say no one is ever surprised to see me parked there. 🙂

As you know, I used to work for this Railroad Line. It is the New Hope & Ivyland of the greatest places I’ve ever worked. The New Hope Branch is part of the original Reading Railroad Line, and ran from New Hope PA to Philadelphia. It had regular stops as well as several whistle stops along the line. Here is a map showing the original line. I’ve only included the stations that are now part of New Hope Property.

Not only do they run passenger trains daily to Lahaska from New Hope, but each fall you can ride the entire length of the line. It’s a beautiful trip through Bucks county. They also service freight customers in Johnsville, Ivyland and Warminster. They operate both steam and diesel equipment throughout the year.

Steam Engine #40 – a 2-8-0 BALDWIN!

Afternoon light



The other diesel is 7087, which we would pass everyday on the way home from school. Every day my son would say “there she is mom 7087 7087 mom there she is 7087.” All one word. 🙂

Do you have a local tourist railroad line? Have you visited them? Lemme see your pics!


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Today was an accomplishing kind of day.  A good news bad news day.  Let us start there…shall we?

Good News:  I was able to borrow a pry bar from the RR to assist in removal of the “stump”

Bad News:  The stump does NOT want to be removed. The stump has set up shop and might as well be carrying a protest sign.  The dog is furious with me because I keep screwing around with HER hole in the ground, and I had just about reached my frustration point.  SO I called a friend from a landscaping company and he took a look at it, proclaimed it an amazing job and basically “keep up the good work”.  He said the only other thing HE could do was bring in a backhoe (yeah, like my neighbors would LOVE that!) and pull it out.  Alas…at the moment, the stump remains and I did inside work today.


Moved all my stamping and scrapping gear up to my room.  I had it in the back living room, which is DS area and it was really crowding him.  So,  I moved it.  Including the table, chair, 4 cabinets of crap, stamps…you get the gist.  I truly own entirely too much stampin stuff.  Oh!  I did find this cool magazine online, you can dnload it free.  Check it out at They have some really great ideas.   Oh….back on track….THEN he and I cleaned his living room, rearranged the furniture to his liking, and promptly set up his tent so he could camp out downstairs tonight.  Fine by me.  🙂

2 loads of laundry.  nuff said.

Dishes, 3 meals, watched Harry Potter with DS, and I am beat!  I think it is time for me to turn in and read a book.  Tomorrow I approach the stump with a renewed fervor…at least that is the plan!

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