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Amazing Distance Healing

For all my light workers, energy workers, and healers…this was such an amazing experience, it was too good not to share.


I was offering up a distance healing this morning to a friend who was in need…physical pain brought on by some yukky stuff going on in their life.  I had been working for about 30 -45 minutes…and decided it was time to get a shower, as they were showing some relief.  I asked that the healing continue while I went about my shower, etc.  Now, I am a HOT shower person.  like…scalding.  Unfortunately, my water heater never seems to satisfy my need for heat.  Not today.  After turning on the water, I offered up some blue tansy oil to assist in their calming and healing of the mind, and hopped in.  Lemme tell you what…that water has NEVER gotten hotter.  It was amazing!  I felt a sense of calm, happiness and a peaceful release of energy as I stood, stretched, and focused the hot water over the site of their pain, praying that they would feel the release in the muscles, feel some relaxation, and find peace.  20 minutes….20 minutes in the shower and it was still scalding hot…when usually I get about 5 minutes of really warm.  I stepped out, feeling so light…it was overwhelming.  But then….then the most amazing part.  I selected a tshirt from the laundry…put it on…and was almost bowled over by the scent of patchouli (not unusual with my laundry, but this week was tea tree and orange)  Patchouli…used to heal things that are cracked…physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I even made todd smell my shirt…I couldn’t believe it!


Amusingly enough…my friend reported a HUGE surge in heat (while doing a recommended tx) while all this was happening.  Was it just his tx causing it?  I think not.  🙂


I know that what I do works..I know that there are things that happen that cannot be explained and I sometimes go along blindly with them…but I jsut had to share this moment…this reminder…that it DOES work…it CAN work and it’s amazing!


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