It should be said first and foremost…any and all opinions expressed here may range from calm cool and collected to something a bit more…intense. They are, however, true thoughts and feelings. I’m not here to impress, just share the musings that come thru this rattletrap head of mine.

If you’re looking for my CV, I’m Naturopath, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Aromatherapist among other things. Through  Hearts In Focus Photography I combine my passion for photography with my passion for Natural Health and Healing.

I’m Baldwins Girl because, although not a “foamer”, I do tend to have a penchant for trains and railroadiana.

I am the very Proud momarazzi of two wonderful kids who support my eccentricities, although they don’t quite understand me and roll their eyes a lot.

In personal (not professional!) life, I tend to have a potty mouth and can be opinionated, and will stand my ground on issues I find important. My convictions are not for public display as a general rule.

Huge baseball fan, SOX are my team, love the ‘skins, crafting of all sorts (it keeps me from killing people that really deserve it).

I’m a good Southern Girl trying to make it work above the Mason-Dixon.


5 responses to “About

  1. JR

    OK, I’m not sure how I got here, floating around in this digital ether. It had something to do with a pritty face and a blog about Coffee. But it’s not hard to connect the “North of Home” on MySpc with being the souther girl trapped in teh not-so friendly North…

    As a guy from Connecticut (and upstate NY and Mass) I often feel like a northeasterner trapped in the “just-so-friendly Almost South”. It’s all a matter of perspective!

    Now I will go and read a bit more. I have to figure out what you mean by eccentric photographer. I do a bit of unusual photography myself (I work with microscopes), so I wonder will poke around and see.


  2. bellajournal

    Very nice! I am going to go look around some more – I am very impressed with all of your certifications; you are such a dedicated, hard worker! Now, I want to look around your posts; thank you for sharing! ~Bella

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