It’s out!

Many MANY thanks to my Todd’s (yes, multiple!) yesterday for rescuing me from the horrid stump that has been ruling my life!!!!!  I swear, it took longer to get the truck over the curb than it did to pull the damn thing!

And poof!  out it came.  I was awarded several “man, you really did a good job” type comments on this, which were wonderful.  It (the stump) at present, is still sitting in the hole since I tried very hard to hose off some of the dirt and make it a bit lighter for removal.  Today’s job will be finishing that, and getting that dang thing outta my yard.  Thank you to my neighbors who were so kind to allow me to drive across their yards (which, to his credit, todd did not even muss!  I’m talkin some bent grass but that’s it!) and for being patient with me during my fits of anger at this stump.  Big todd was laughing at me yesterday as I was trying to pry this thing up to hose under it…kept saying “gwon, get mad at it!”  It was amusing, sweaty hot work, but I’m so thrilled it’s finally detached from mother earth.

On an additional note, but the same “theme” of it’s out, Congratulations to my friends P & K on the birth of their son Wesley this past Friday.  Good luck and God Bless to them.



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2 responses to “It’s out!

  1. Where you live you probably ain’t allowed to just have a bon fire and burn the stump eh?

  2. See, THAT was my thought too, but no…it’s not allowed. 😦

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