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Whirling and twirling and coming to rest

I know…I know….I can hear you….where have you been?  I’m’s just been a really funky time for me.  Not even funky in a bad way…just maybe realiging for spring funky.  So…let’s see….

My dishwasher died (mid cycle, full of water of course) about 3 weeks ago.  Now, as you all know, I am a handy plumber, but I do NOT do electricity…not to mention lack of fundage for replacement, it went on hold.  Add to that the leaky washing machine, dryer that has decided to tumble but NOT heat and it finds me doing some pretty crazy Rube Goldberg actions to keep from flooding the kitchen, then hoisting the wet laundry off to the laundromat for drying, home for folding, etc.  Most times it found me doing the “big stuff” (jeans, sweats, hoodies, etc) and hanging them over any available surface to dry. 

THEN a friend mentioned that a friend of THEIRS re-did their kitchen, did I know anyone who needed a like new dishwasher?  Uh, YEAH! me!  lol.  By the way, they also had a stove.  I’m there baby.  So, I picked them up, and they’ve been sitting in the back living room for the last 2 weeks until I could get them installed.  As  you may ALSO know, I’m a bit of a neat freak.  Having wet laundry and appliances in places they don’t belong send my spirit into a weird whirly place.  It’s like I couldn’t find a comfortable place to land…ya know? 

So, sunday I got the new stove installed (I even helped….with electricity!) and today the dishwasher was installed AND got the leak in the water to the washer fixed.  I finally feel like I am home again.  Spent most of the afternoon scrubbing the kitchen on hands and knees, doing a few loads just because I could (of course, they are hanging all over, but I’m working on it!  I disassembled the dryer on sunday, not a heater coil problem, now I have to test the other stuff and I’m in business!  I even took time to make tortillas for DS for dinner AND baked a cake afterwards!  It’s like suzy has come home to roost, and it’s feeling really good.

I have to share one other wonderful thing.  My dear friend Shari (over at Shari’s Place) and I live pretty close (our boys went to the same school til DS switched) and we hang out and stamp together. We try for once a week, but lately it has been a lot less, which sucks. Anyway, I digress.

WE are both in the same situation, and “good news” doesn’t come our way often.  SO when it does not only are we amazingly grateful….it’s REALLY GOOD!

My walmart is closing. No, that’s not the good news. The good news is that they are closing because they are building a new SUPER CENTER (how happy am I?) and the store around the corner will be closing for a year to become a “mini super center”. ANYWAY…..they are marking stuff down like mad. I mean like MAD. So, I was there yesterday morning, and I almost fell over when I saw the Cricut machine for $75.00! No, you didn’t misread it.  The normal price is $185, which might as well be a million to us.  So, of course, I can’t justify it for me, no matter how badly I wanted it, but my buddy shari wanted one too, so we went halfsies on it! We are now the proud parents of a cricut machine! Isn’t that exciting? We’ll both be in dutch for the next couple weeks for spending the money, but I figure this is a good reason.  We needed a boost.  We’ll swap it back and forth, which means we HAVE to get together more often to stamp! 

AND today is opening day.  Yes, yes, I know, don’t get your panties in a twist, I know it opened yesterday for most teams, but I’m an old timer and for me, Opening Day is April 1.  Don’t ask me why, it just is.  So, I’ve spent the day walking around cleaning singing “centerfield” anywhere from under my breath to full operatic tones and just enjoying the fact that it’s time for Baseball, for spring, for renewal, for a fresh start.  Here’s hoping it is a GOOD fresh start.  🙂  AND here’s hoping with things settling a bit here…I’ll have more time for the things that I love, which includes all of you!

Have a great April everybody!



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Heads or Tails – Fool


 Rather than go off on how much time I spend feeling foolish about one thing or another, I decided to share one of my VERY favorite recipes…Cranberry Fool!

This is so yummy, easy and fun, and can be used as a dessert OR a fruit dip.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  🙂

1 can (16 ounces) jellied cranberry sauce
1/4 tsp almond extract
1 cup heavy cream — whipped (or you can use cool whip)

Stir cranberry sauce and almond extract until smooth.  Gently blend with whipped cream, making sure to leave it swirly.  Spoon genly into nice glasses (I use martini glasses) and serve.  OR use as fruit dip OR baked tortilla strips covered with cinnamon sugar.  Yummmm!


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