Garden Visitor

While DS and I were working on the garden today (more below) we found a little visitor!  DS was THRILLED with the discovery, and demanded photos.  For your viewing pleasure, please meet “Mr. T.”

Isn’t he a cutie?  I just love hop toads, and was very pleased to find this little guy.  DS spent a HUGE part of his life being scared of them, so it was doubly nice that he was so anxious to hold and pet the little toad.  Pardon his FILTHY hands, but as I mentioned, we were workin in the garden! It took quite a while to convince him to let the toad go, but found him a nice spot amongst my flowers to spend the day.

Our reason for being out in the yuk heat and humidity was to stop a battle between the squash and cucumbers.  The peppers planted nearby were suffering terribly (read not growing at all).  So….a garden addition had to be dug, grass removed, tilled, turned etc, then peppers were dug up and moved and cucumbers were detached from the other plants (what a pain) and dug up and moved to their new happy home, which also allows them to climb up the fence!  It’s nice to see everything coming up, since I wasn’t sure how it was going to do…at the bottom of the hill, lot of water run-off, plus the only thing that ever grew there were two scrubby junipers and some weeds. Let’s hope everyone responds happily to the transplant!


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  1. My kids love frogs and toads!!!

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