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Heads or Tails – Who would you like to meet?


This week the theme at Heads or tails is “who would  you like to meet and why?”.  I took it one step farther, and thought I would pick 3 people I would like to meet and photograph.  I think about that a lot, actually.  If the opportunity presented itself, who would I like to photograph if I could? What would it be like???

In no particular order(with google photos, not mine unfortunately!):

Dweezil Zappa:  I am SUCH a huge Frank Zappa fan, and became a Dweezil fan as soon as he started making music.  His styling is so much like his dads, yet still has a fresh, personal sound.  On top of that, he’s UNBELIEVABLY sexy, and has the most amazing eyes. I think a conversation with him would be enlightening as well as entertaining. I would photograph him in black and white, low key to catch his edgyness and really pop those eyes.

David Ortiz: We all know what a HUGE sox fan I am, so this should come as no surprise. Big Papi seems like such a gentleman to me, I would love to have the opportunity to talk with him about his childhood, being with the Sox, and baseball in general.  In photographing him, I would do something with him in a t-shirt, busting out the guns, with a teddy bear on each bicep.  He’s a rock, but deep inside, I think he’s just a teddy bear. 


Pink:  I love her style, I love her music, and I would love to get her alone for 1 hour just to talk about her…what drives her, what inspires her.  Everyone sees her as very edgy, but I also see her as a “vargas girl” and would love to shoot some like that.  She’s from Doylestown, which is about 10 minutes from me.  How cool would THAT be?!?!



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A Learning Experience

Sunday’s around here are “preparation day”.  It’s the one day in the week that we (read I) do all that needs done to insure a smoooooooth running week for my little clan.  With DD still on her cruise, DS and I were workin it out together yesterday.  First, it was the laundry.  Which, since the dryer is still not drying, everything is washed here, packed into the laundry baskets and driven to the laundromat and run through their dryers.  No biggie…about a half hour to do the whole drying part…but DS usually stays home.  Yesterday I took him with.  He was bored.  “Play your DS, that’s why I told you to bring it”.  I did, now I’m done.  Well, we just gotta wait it out bud.  Then it’s a trip to the grocery store.  Here’s the learning experience, (and a freaking hilarious moment, I might add.)

We decided to try a new store this week.  I’ve been there once, liked their prices, but it’s a lot farther to go.  Deciding that this week we NEED all the discount we can get, we decided to head down there.  Before we left, I explained to DS that we ABSOLUTELY had to stick to the list.  No deviation.  He asked why, and I said that we were a little short on cash right now, so it was important to stay within our budget. I told him that he was the MAJOR deviator in our house, and I needed him not to do that this time.  Ok says he.  AND I’ll be in charge of the list, he announced taking a pen from my purse.  I’ll make sure we do good. So, seeing another moment to teach a lesson, I say “how many items are on our list?”  23 he says.  Ok, we want to average $2.00 per item, so how much money can we spend?  $46.00. Okey dokey. Here we go.   We took a friend along, which was entertaining for DS.   As we’re driving, DS begins to explain to our friend (an adult, I might add) that we are going to this store because “we’re a little short on cash right now, and there is NO DEVIATION FROM THE LIST”.  It’s important.  We have a budget.  I’m very proud of him. 

We arrive at the store, him with list and pen in hand, and head in.  Immediately I see a drawback.  5 lbs of potatos on sale for .89  Of COURSE I have to get them.  DS says “they aren’t on the list mom.” That’s ok buddy, I can really use these.  Don’t worry.  it’s ok.  Shop shop…blah blah.  Cereal aisle.  Now, I’m a bagged cereal mom.  I don’t like sugary cereals, try not to buy them, and HATE the ones in boxes because they are BUTT expensive.  I tell DS to choose his cereal.  He asks if he can try something different this time.  I remind him of the $2.00 rule.  Cheerios were on sale, and he selected those.  Good choice I think.  THEN friend sees that the Red sox are on the wheaties box.  A conversation ensues between the 2 of them, and they decide that I should have these.  No, I say, thanks.  It’s not on the list.  DS decides that since I added potatos (and shortening, and power bars for his school snack as well at this point) he was adding Wheaties.  Moving on.  We get to the checkout and I’m trying to get him to guess how we did.  He says he thinks we stayed under $50 like I wanted.  I say I think we went over.  WHICH ladies and gentlemen, is the moment he turns to me and with a voice that escalated with each word said, “Well mom, if we went over it’s your fault because YOU ARE A MAJOR DEVIANT”.  Oh yes.  Yes he did.  Every single shopper within 20 yards turned to see what kind of deviant was at the checkout harming this innocent child.  The checker, all of 16, just looked at me having no idea what had just happened, but realizing that EVERYONE ELSE WAS LOOKING AT ME she should too.  DS feeling proud for putting me in my place, simply said to my shocked expression “well, you are.  You deviated from the list”.  Ugh. 

Needless to say, it turned into a learning experience for BOTH of us.  His for trying to keep a budget (and discovering that 2 boxes of cereal comprised nearly 1/6 of our grocery budget) and me for using words that can be transformed into embarassing moments.  Alas.  I will say this, the items I added to the list took us to a total of $61.00  Had we STUCK to the list, we would have made the $46 for a weeks worth of groceries list.  Not too shabby! (and I woke up with Josh Beckett in my kitchen this morning!  mmmmmm)

63 days to opening day!

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A happy award


I received this sweet award from Tammy.  Isn’t it cute?!?  It’s tiny, but packed with a lot of love and good wishes.  🙂  Thanks Tammy, you make my day as well.  🙂  Oh!  And MS. Tammy has her own domain now…and she’s got some great stuff on her blog.  Go visit her.  Right now.  Why are you still here?  Go!  🙂 

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Photohunt – Old Fashioned

1911 Model Train Engine (yes, it still works!)


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a lovely award!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What a great way to start the day! I received this wonderful award from Misty and I think it’s just the coolest!  This is by far my very favorite I love lucy moment (followed closely by Vita-meata-vega-min) and it’s just awesome that it’s an award that says “you cheer me up!” 

I always pass on to specific folks, but have to say, this is gonna be a “if you are here, please take me” award.  Every one of you who stop by and leave me a comment cheer me up, and I can never thank you all enough.  You are awesome!


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Heads or Tails – 5 Senses


This week our Theme is any or all of the 5 senses.  Since I seem to have very little COMMON sense lately (lol!) maybe I can tap into the inner senses for some inspiration!

My training is in Aromatherapy.  It’s something that I am truly passionate about.  Most people have the idea that aromatherapy is about scent only, but done properly, it encompasses all of our senses to bring about a true healing.

Let’s use Patchouli as an example.  The oil Patchouli, which some will relate to the hippie culture of the 60’s and 70’s with it’s earthy, rich, sometimes pungent aroma. It’s color is a deep reddish brown, thick and viscous.  When used in a diffuser, Patchouli’s scent is warm, comforting and mildly hypnotic.  It allows us to hear with our heart, the true nature of our emotions.  Patchouli is good for things that are cracked, both physically and emotionally.  Broken relationships, cracked, dry skin, etc.  Skin applications, when diluted, are physically and emotionally healing. 

Aromatherapy, when practiced properly, access all our human emotions and nearly all our physical senses to bring about a true physical, spiritual and emotional healing.


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Finding Suzy

I’m sure you all are wondering where I have been lately.  My posts are certainly less frequent, and certainly not as fun or…informative?  maybe…as usual.  I am here…I’m just going through some spiritual and emotional upheaval, and trying to get the all the logs to fall into place to build the bridge to the other side of the gorge.

As you know, 2007 was a challenging year for us.  A lot of change, upheaval, and it seems that the dust has yet to settle from the crashing down that came early last year.  I’m sure it will eventually, it just seems that I am spending an inordinate amount of time sweeping up that dust, and not really getting anywhere.   I’m not one for proselytizing, and my personal convictions are NOT for public display, but perhaps by way of explanation on my recent will grant me a word or two.  Hey, it’s my space, I guess I can say whatever I want.  Consider that line a warning on the following content.

Yesterday’s photohunt kind of hit home with all that I have been pondering these last few weeks…months….whatever.  Important.  And there is NOTHING more important to me than my family.  Every single thing that I do in my life is for my children.  I was just thinking the other day…as moms…do we ever get to use a spoon that isn’t all dented and dinged?  Ever get the big muffin out of the pan?  No.  These are the things that we do….we sacrifice our needs for the needs of our children…our families.  For me, it’s not even a conscious thought…I just think that they always deserve the best…and that is what they will get.  It may not be much, but it’s what I can do, so I do it.  They are my treasure, and deserve to be treated as such.

Matthew says “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  I’ve been pondering that one for a few weeks now.  My treasure is my children.  Yes, that is where my heart lies.  In trying to find gainful employment, everything revolves around them, and their happiness.  I will not compromise the safety and happiness of my children by being gone when they need me here.  Granted DD doesn’t really need me around anymore, but DS does.  So in looking for a job, hours have to match his being in school, no weekends, etc.  Believe me, they are few and far between.  And when I do find one, it seems that I kind of shoot myself in the foot by telling them upfront that my children and their needs come first.  Needless to say, there haven’t been any job offers in a very long time.  This of course, puts us in a situation that is tenuous at best.

John 11:22 says  But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it to you.  So, I’ve been asking.  A lot.  I’m trying to turn it all over, relinquish control (which is SO hard for me!) and “let go and let God”.  But when the bills pile up, it’s tough.  I’ve been spending time in contemplation, meditation, and soul searching, trying to find a way to move through the adversity that is facing our family into the light. 

I made the decision to give myself the opportunity to succeed as a Photographer.  It’s something that I want dearly, not only for personal reasons, but because it would allow me to support my family, to meet their needs and be here when they need me.  It’s a win/win situation, if I can make it work. If we can hold on until it happens.  I felt that if it were the right decision, I would be given a sign.  Being selected as a charitable photographer for Think Pink this week leads me to believe that I am on the right track.  Charitable, yes.  Is there any financial gain involved?  Not directly.  However, it’s what I want to do.  And if my heart is there, in the giving back, will my treasure not lie there also?  And as I tell my kids, we may not have much, but we have each other.  We have love, a home, food in our stomachs and our health.  There are so many who do not have these things.  We may not have money to give and share, but we have ourselves.  Give what you can, with the hope that it is enough. I have also applied to 2 other charitable organizations, and hope that I will be accepted by them as well.  It is something that I really want, for my heart, for my soul, for my kids.  🙂

I’ve gone on long enough.  I just wanted to say “yes, I’m here” and I’m ok…just finding Suzy.  I’ll leave you with one more from Matthew as a thought for the week.   “But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it to thee.”

Have a good one!

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