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Heads or Tails #11 – Halloween


I’m late this week….but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to post about Halloween!

I love halloween.  That will sound strange to a lot of folks, seeing as how I detest holidays about candy (one of my very favorite rubber stamps ever says “Smile, it’s sugar season”) but for me, it’s more about the fun, than the candy!

I love the costumes.  I like the idea of being someone else…an alter ego…for just a short while.  I like being in the night, and hoping for something frightening.  I watch scary movies like it’s my job the weeks before, even the bad ones. 

This year, DS is going to be mario.  He doesn’t like being scared…so opted for a non-scary costume (photo’s forthcoming I promise!) made by mom.  His school party is today, and he can’t wait to show off his very cool – if I do say so myself – new costume.  DD has advanced to the point where all costumes are somehow sexy, and she’s raggedy ann….of a sorts.  nuff said.

I will be the mom tooling about the neighborhood complementing everyone on their pumpkins as he rushes ahead like a whirling dervish.  I am chief pumpkin carver in our home, and each year they are like an artistic challenge for me.  This year we have a wolf in front of a full moon, and another just waiting for the knife.  We’ll see what it turns into!

Tomorrow I will take a moment to light a candle, and pray for those who have moved on, wishing them peace and guidance. It’s a habit I got into years ago when a friend had me go to church with their family for All Saints Day.  I liked the idea, so I kept it.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy night tonight!



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Nuff Said

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Bottom of the 8th, Game 4

11:28 pm.  1 out, 4 to 1 Boston leading.  Okajima on the mound.  Pad of my right thumb is raw and swollen from chewing on it. Just opened the first beer of the night (I know, a shocker in and of itself) I’ve knitted a baby hat trying to keep myself from going insane, hat is done, thumb hurts so here we go. 

Helton at bat.  1 and 2 count.  Manny has changed into the white do rag.  Helton to right for base hit.  Atkins on deck.  One ball, one strike.  Crowd shot of rox fans with rally caps……ball outside count is 2-1.  I notice the rox are actually wearing jerseys with sleeves tonight….trying to change their luck?!? We need  a double play here….what….no NO NO NONONONONONONO……….Home run atkins….score 4-3 boston.  Okajima out…pap coming in.  I’ll leve out the expletives.  Commercial break…I think I’m going to throw up.

Of course the big news tonight is that A Rod has announced he’s not going to renew with the Yankees.  k. great.  moving on. We’re outta the inning.  Top of the 9th, Lowell at bat.  Let’s go mike…..strike 1…grrr…Lowell to left….out.  damn. We could use at least one run…just a bit of padding.  Ball 1 to Drew.  2-0 and drew grounds out.  2 outs.  Varitek at the plate…c’mon jason ….grrr. strike 2 varitek.  Varitek out….bottom of the 9th.  This is it folks.  I have advanced to seriously sick at my stomach.  This is too much stress to go thru  alone.  Can you drunk dial sober?  I could phone a friend…lol!  I can see it now.  Regis dials, and says “I’m here with suzy now, and she’s about to have a coronary.  Your question is, and you have 30 seconds, “are the Sox going to win tonight and sweep the series?  Time starts now…..”  It would be ugly.

Ok.  back to the game.  Strike 1 Torreal….c’mon pap.  Strike 2.  grounder to pedroia, 1 out.  2 more and it’s all over baby.  Carroll up ad Joe Buck announces that the clock is striking midnight in Boston.  0-1 count.  Carroll deep to left….OUT!  2 outs……bottom of the 9th (have I mentioned that?!?!?!?)  Strike 1 smith.  ball. ball 2. strike 2. 




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An Award-Winning Day

Tammy over at Mom knows Everything has passed on to me two (yes, not one, but two!) amazing awards and I am just blown away!  The first is a Wonder Woman award (does it come with those great deflecting silver bracelets?!?)  Being a single mom, I sure could use feeling like wonder woman now and then.  🙂



The second is a community blogger award. Very VERY cool. I feel like this is not only a community, but an extended family, filled with love and kindness and support. You keep me sane!

Thank you so much to Tammy. I will share these with some of the folks that make MY day a lot brighter and a lot happier!Terri at Mrs. Squidley’s Place because I think she’s amazing
Maggie at Ramblings of Maggie because she always makes me feel good.
Mothers Home because I NEVER leave there without learning something!

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3 n’ 0 and one to go

Good game…good game fellas.  By now, I know that even non-sox fans are watching these games, just wondering what will happen next.  How do I know?  Because I’ve noticed the influx of “Sox fans are the worst”, “games are boring” and “Sox just suck” type comments around the web.  How is it possible, I ask you, that the sox suck?  Um….are we not winning?  Helllll-oooooooo???  And as far as sox fans being arrogant, I disagree.  True sox fans have stuck by this team thru thick and thin, the bad AND the good…which was lacking sometimes.  And ya know what?  If we want to be happy that the boys are rockin in, So Friggin What????  And as for boring….well, my poor fingernails can attest to the fact that aside from game one (a total blowout) the other games have been good baseball, and well matched as far as play and interestingness. 

Ok.  on to the game.

Interesting start….noticed that the Rockies have a strange WTF look on their faces…’s a shame.  They had a great post-season until now…I think they were expecting to be fighting a bit harder for this….alas, not so much.

The big stress of the day for me, and for many sox fans I think, was the change in the lineup sitting Youk.  However, I love my papi and was sure he would pull it off….just worried about that knee baby.  With both teams in position to take the lead in the first inning, it was frustrating to be shut down. 

Mid-game shuffling was also frustrating….causing some concern for the girl that too much shifting was throwing off the unit as a team….damn….was I wrong or WHAT?

I won’t go into some lengthy diatribe about it….suffice it to say that this is the best t I’ve seen in a while…and it must be added to my collection! 


Game 4 tonite….could it be…..can we even begin to think of grabbin the broom for the potential sweep? My heart would love to see them win it at home, but the nails….what’ left of them….are praying for a win tonite. Hang on to your hats…it’s gonna be a long night!

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Photo Hunters – Pink

This week the theme is Pink.  So….I went with:

The deep pink flowers that grew in the field near my house this summer.


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Going Crazy

THIS is the kinda crap that was trouncing through my mind last night, so I couldn’t sleep after the nail biter (let’s not go there, shall we?!?)

 OK.  So, here’s my thought (as though my phone will ring MOMENTARILY  with Francona on the other end saying “hey suz, what should we do?????????)

Sitting out papi.  Well, WHAT IF instead of putting papi at first,  where he has the potential for quote unquote (yes, there were flying quotes there ) protection from/by J.D. Drew and Lugo can we instead put him at third, and move lowell to ss???? I mean, lineups were MEANT to be changed, right?  Lowell is quick and sharp, and at third he would have manny in left as back up, less stress on third than on first, protecting the knee, and we keep Youk on first.  Thoughts?  Can this work?  Yes, I need a nap, we’ve established that….but in all reality…can’t this work?  Can papi play 3rd better than first?  I’m really worried about that knee! 

We could change the batting order then, and put Lowell in 9th, which would be infinitely better than lugo at 9th, yes?  No?  something?   augh……is it saturday yet???????????

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