Thoughts on Photoshop

I was reading an article….several actually…recently on the detriment of Photoshopped glamor photos on the health of young girls.  The theory is that most young people don’t realize that magazine photos have been digitally altered to improve the look of the person in the image.  Frankly, in this day and age, I find that totally ludicrous!  Today’s generation are infinitely more computer savvy than my generation, simply because of availability.  Growing up, we did not have access to the tools, the world, the way that they do.  I think that the majority of people today realize that the look of most stars, whether digitally or physically, has been altered, and accept that.

I personally am a huge fan of Photoshop.  I am self-taught, and enjoy learning/trying/doing lots of things…creating scrapbook pages, papers, cards, photos etc.  I think it’s a wonderful program, with lots of potential and possibility for creativity.

As a photographer, I am often asked if my photos have been digitally altered.  And for the most part, other than some color correction or sharpening, they really aren’t.  The exception of course is portraits. People having their photo taken expect them to look perfect, and know that it can be done relatively simply in post processing.  Although I keep my retouching simple, I love to show my daughter and her friends how drastically you can change a portrait in photoshop.  We’ve done photos of them simply to alter them, to show how magazine photos are retouched dramatically.  They then look in the magazines, and comment on the photos, finding the obviously altered images and commenting on them.  They tell their friends, and even come home to tell me about photos they saw on billboards, magazines, ads, etc. and how they recognized certain traits of an altered photo.  They have a healthy view of beauty, and of themselves because they realize that the purpose of these ads, photos, etc are primarily to sell a product!

So, the question is, can a photo of a person be altered digitally and still be realistic?  Absolutely.  Removing a zit that appears on photo day is a natural thing to do. Adding make-up, a touch of eyeliner, not a big deal. Touch-ups like that are quick, easy and make your customer happy.   Making dramatic changes like a nose job, eye lift, etc, that is up to the individual post-processing and the customer receiving the photos.  Do I think it will cause a dramatic change in the health of the viewer?  No, no I don’t.

Just for fun, I did a drama remake on DD.  She’s a beautiful girl as is, but thought I would just give you an idea of what can be done (for all you non-shoppers out there).  Is it dramatic?  Yes.  Realistic?  Yes.  Does it make her a better person?  Absolutely not.  🙂

This shot is SOOC, the only change is that it was rotated.  Isn’t she lovely??

A drastic change to say the least.  She’s had an eyebrow lift, a nose job, fat sucked from her cheeks, collagen to the lips, a hair transplant, dermabrasion and make up, eyelash implant and a haircolor job.

By the way, the other great thing about this is that she will CRAP when she sees photos of herself on my blog.


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  1. I prefer the first photo. She has a very natural beauty.

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