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Boobie Hat

Just so you don’t think I’ve been slacking during these last few months…oh no, not I!  Another free pattern for your entertainment!  I designed this hat for my dear Friend Shari, a three (yes, three) time breast cancer survivor.  If anyone ever deserved a boob hat, boy she does.  AND she loves it, despite the fact that she abhors pink!  A note on the pattern, shari is a crocheter, not a knitter, so I included a crochet band as a sign of the bond we both share.  You could certainly change it to a knitted ribbed band with no trouble.


Boobie Hat

Vanna’s Choice Pink – 1 sk
Vanna’s Choice Rose – 1 sk
Size 7 dpn’s (and circular if you choose)

You will have enough left over (I’m thinking) to make at least one more hat….consider donating it to a good cause!

With circular or dpn’s, cast on 72 sts. Being careful not to twist, join and work 2 (or as needed) rows of k2, p2 ribbing. Begin working in st st for 7″ (or as desired).

Beginning decrease: *you can begin your “nipple” at any point…guess it depends on how large you want it to be!

K 7, k2tog around (64 sts)
k 1 round
K6, k2tog around (56 sts)
K1 around.

Continue in this manner decreasing every other row until you have 40 sts, change to rose, and continue decreasing until you have 8 sts.

K2tog around (4 sts) and work 3 rows on these 4 sts to create nipple. Cut yarn, leaving long end, and draw through 4 sts. run in ends.

Cuff: Using “J” hook hdc through loops on beginning row around (72 hdc). join to top of first hdc, ch 2, turn.
Round 2: * FPHDC in first st, BPHDC in next st, around. join to top of first st, ch 2, turn. Repeat round 2 one time. Fasten off, run in ends, and there you have it….your own fancy boobie hat!

*Note:  I certainly hope that you enjoy this free pattern.  THAT BEING SAID… This free pattern created by me and me alone.  I worked hard to make it, write it, think it through and therefore the pattern and the associated photographs are only for personal non-commercial use and are not for resale.  Don’t be mean…or I will find you!



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Update on “Sponsor a Hat”

I know I haven’t been around much…..let’s just say I got lost for a while, but now am found. Regardless…(Don’t you just HATE it when people say irregardless….I mean…seriously) I wanted to update everyone on my big project from last year.

Voila! hatsI did not reach my goal of 100, but DID complete 75 hats.  The school was, to say the very least, thrilled, and there will be lots of warm kiddies in our community because of it.

Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement!

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Thing 1 Hat

At DS’s requst, a Thing 1 Hat!


Too Cute for words!  And my DS thinks I am just the most amazing mom ever for creating it!  For sale in my etsy shop!


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