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PhotoHunt – Original

 – Original

This week’s theme is Original, so I went with the original gates to New Hope’s Jail.



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What were you thinkin?

In general, I have to say, I’m a relatively laid back do-what-you-want kinda person.  It takes a LOT to offend me….it’s just not my style.  You live your life, I’ll live mine, and as long as you don’t shove your convictions down my throat, we’ll get along just peachy.  HOWEVER…….

THIS OFFENDED ME.  (so I’m sharing)  I guess I should explain.  Apparently Italian Vogue (a magazine that would never grace my presence I assure you) has a photo shoot this month utilizing images invoking our soldiers in Iraq combined with scantily dressed fashion models. (you know, probably with the heading of “What all the high fashion Muslim women are wearing this fall)  It’s not even the images that are offensive, I don’t think, as much as the emotion that they are trying to evoke.  My daughter, who “legally” is an adult, adores vogue magazine.  (it must be a gene that skips generations or something) I would be APPALED  to think that she would stumble over this!  I don’t believe in censorship just for censorship’s sake, and have maintained that with my kids…but how could I EVER have a conversation with her regarding this bit of ….shrapnel (pardon the pun).

Dude, what the hell were you thinking?  Is this supposed to be glamorous?  It’s disgusting.  It’s offensive on so many levels.  AND not even from a pornographic standpoint, which I am not averse to, just from a human being standpoint.    There are sons and fathers DYING on a daily…hell, an hourly basis, and you choose to turn it into a fun event?????  I feel a tangent coming on!!!!!!!  Isn’t the purpose of advertisement to make  you want the product?  To incite your spirit to “go, do be” like this person in the ad?   Uh…thinking I don’t want to be these women!

Believe me, I’m all about juxtaposition.  I enjoy working and viewing life in that manner.  But this series of photographs, touted as fashion, are anything but.  I’ll let you make the call.  The article, is located here and a link directly to the photo layout is here.  Grrrrr…..It’s not even 4:30 yet and I’m already annoyed.  Not a great start for the day, eh?

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Heads or Tails – Pets


Barb’s Heads or Tails theme this week is Pets. These are our 4 legged babies.  Jake, my bull terrier, is my buddy.  Everyone else makes fun of him, (they call him fat, don’t tell him) but to me he is incredibly beautiful.  Jake is my 4th Bullie…they are such great dogs. 

  Bodhi is our shepherd mix.  We got her when she was just weeks old, some people were using her as bait to tease their pit bulls.  It was a horrible thing.  We took her in, and I named her Bodhi to give her enlightenment.  She is so smart, and absolutely adores my daughter.


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The Resume I’d LOVE to send.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am responding, without much hope of hearing from you, to your recent job listing for the lackey Position. I have attached my resume for your amusement and consternation.

You will see that in addition to multiple opportunities to act as a lackey, I have several years of experience in a variety of fields including ass kicking, eating shit, and being worn down. In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong communication and people skills, and only occasionally drop the “f-bomb”  I feel that I could certainly be an asset to your organization.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me, although I won’t be holding my breath.

I thank you for the opportunity to humiliate myself yet again today, and look forward to hearing from you.






2006-2007 Fool – Local Winery
Duties include, but not limited to, giving up a job that meant everything to me in order to do better for my children to be shafted for no apparent reason other than I am, and I quote “hard working, honest, and a good employee, you just don’t fit”. 

 Assistant to the General Manager of Passenger Operations – Tourist Railroad
Responsibilities include, but not limited to, working my ass off for 12+ hours a day, more during special events and holiday’s. Catching shit on a daily basis for things that you cannot control, putting out fires (figuratively), soothing frazzled nerves, appeasing the spastic and juggling 40 things at once. One of the best jobs I have ever had.

2000 – 2003 Princess – Natural Health Store
In addition to maintaining a private practice, also was the manager and princess of their retail facility. I also developed their website and was also involved with teaching numerous classes on Natural Health, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Hypnotherapy and Reiki. I was only the princess by default, since we called the owner the Queen.

1998 – 2003 A bunch of natural health stuff that apparently no one cares about anymore.


2000 – 2000 Contributing Columnist to various local publications which just means I am opinionated.


A bunch of natural health degrees that I spent a lot of time and money on and don’t seem to be helping me.




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An Open letter to Prospective Employers.

Not necessarily to MY prospective employers, just to those who publish “help wanted” ads for jobs.  Any jobs.  Take it as my very agitated advice.  

Dear Sir and/or Madam AND/OR Hiring Manager,

I know that in your mind you are thinking “we need to run an ad and hire someone”. Someone for something in your company that you for some reason think needs done. BEFORE you run that ad, take the following things into consideration.

1.  If you run the ad, you PROBABLY should plan on responding to any and all job applicants, especially if you are requesting that applications be sent by e-mail only. How about a “thanks, we got your e-mail, now leave us the fuck alone” standard response. Wouldn’t that be simple? Even a 10 year old can type and save a document and paste it to an e-mail after clicking “reply”. The people that respond to your ad are DOING SO because they are interested in working for your company. DUH. They took the time to reply, how about a little quid pro quo????

2.  JUST BECAUSE the person applying for your magnificent job is CURRENTLY unemployed, doesn’t make them unemployable. MAYBE they got caught in a funky weird situation that caused them, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN to be unemployed. OBVIOUSLY they don’t want to REMAIN unemployed or they wouldn’t be applying for your super terrific job!!!!! Maybe you could actually SPEAK to them before circular filing their hard work.

3.   I think that it is absurd to list a “temporary part time data entry level position” and require a BA in communications, and only offer to pay them $7.00 an hour!!!! AND that you would neglect to mention these facts in your ad! Are you serious?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

4.  Treat your prospective employee like you would want your wife/girlfriend – husband/boyfriend to be treated. DO NOT eyeball the prospect and then ask “so, do you have a PROBLEM taking orders from a woman?” A sample reply to this question, found in the “how not to land the job” handbook is “Are you friggin kidding me???If I wanted to be ordered around, I’d either stay home or join the Marines.”  Never, but NEVER give your prospect the “once over” to their face. 

Following these few simple rules should assist you in your quest for that perfect person to “come on board” with your organization.

Thank you.

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Waterfall at Cuttalossa Farm

Also scooted up river rd. to Cuttalossa Farm. Just a pretty shot of the waterfall. (I’m trying out this “post to your blog from flickr thingie.)


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Steam Locomotive #40 in the fall

Took some time out today to go visit my girl. She looked so pretty with the fall flowers….don’t you think?

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