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Heads or Tails Tuesday – Supply

Heads or Tails Tuesday

Okey dokey, since we’re supposed to “think outside the box” on this meme…..well, I’m really out of the box!

The Wii Fit box that is!

The SUPPLY of these new additions to the Nintendo Wii family is limited, but totally worth waiting for. I’ve had a really tough time finding one, but thanks to a friend who works at a local game store, I was finally able to get one, and let me tell you, I’m in love.

The Wii Fit SUPPLIES (ha!) you with the tools to get up off your butt, have some fun, tone your body, and even lose some weight. The balance board is supplied (again, ha!) with the wii fit disc, which includes yoga, strength training, aerobic exercises and balance activities. They make you more aware of your body, check your balance, monitor your weight gain and loss as well as your estimated BMI.

Yoga: These exercises are broken down by your “trainer” (hot girl or dude, who DO NOT move their mouth when they talk which skeeves me) and then you do them together. Nicely done, but I wish I could combine them without stopping one to start another. You know, like a routine. The nice thing about them is that if the exercise itself is challenging for you to do completely, you can modify and work on your balance, which will overall improve everything.

Strength training: Again, all exercises are demonstrated by your trainer, then you perform them. As you move through the “game” you unlock additional reps and times, which adds to the challenge.

Aerobics: This is my favorite (with balance a very close second) section to the game/program. Aerobic activities include hula hoop, super hoop, step, super step, free step, run, long run and boxing. I am in love with the hula hoop and boxing. The hoop requires that you swing your hips while viewing your mii from the back as he/she hula hoops. From time to time, the mii’s watching will throw additional hoops at you which you have to bend over and catch the hoops, which increases your “spin” rate. Too much fun to do, as well as to watch someone else do. The boxing is a BLAST, fun workout, as you box a supplied (lol!) pattern to the beat of the background music. It’s way fun. 🙂 The free step program supplies you a set number of steps to do during a set time (i.e. 1600 steps in 10 minutes), then counts off a beat in your wiimote. Turn the channel and watch the news (or, like me, turn on sirius 80’s and go to town). The little voice tells you when you reach 100 (200, 300 etc) steps, and encourages you to speed up or slow down as needed. It’s a lot of fun, believe me.

Balance: This portion of the program is just way fun. Snowboarding, skiing, slalom, balance board, tightrope walking, etc. You get points for how well you balance through the challenges. Great for everyone in the family, just for fun.

If you have a wii, and are looking for something fun to supply your family with hours of entertainment, I highly recommend the new Wii Fit program.

This is not a paid advertisement, this is strictly from the heart! 🙂



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