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Man O’ War Event at Cigars International

As usual, CI put on a spectacular event, and a great time was had by all…especially by me.  I do love those Man O’ War Ruinations….and the Girls were pretty special too!

Just a few to make you smile…

aj at workAJ Fernandez working hard hand rolling cigars for anxiously awaiting customers

hatI totally think I need this hat.  A person would command respect in a hat like that…don’t you think??

lionOne of the nifty new decorations I’m just not so thrilled with.   ah well….

man o war girlsDid I mention the Man O’ War Girls?

manowargirlPerhaps I neglected to mention that the Man O’ War Girls were going to be there???

rolling cigarNow THIS is how you roll cigars!

thigh cigarUm……….yeah.

aj fernandezPossibly one of my faves of the evening.  What a nice man, and really cool to watch him work.

Thanks again to CI for the amazing event.  It was too much fun, and totally worth the drive!


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