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Heads or Tails Tuesday – Manner

Heads or Tails Tuesday Meme – Manner

So our topic this week is “Manner”, and I’m gonna add an “s” to the end of the word, because I’ve been having problems this past week or so with manners.

Not my manners, mind you, as I was raised a Good Southern Girl (note caps) who would never in any way show bad manners. (HA!) ahem. Anywho. The manners in which I speak are of those who would steal cheat and lie…specifically those who have been stealing photos.

You may have noticed that my flickr doohickey over there is all gone. Yep….all. gone. The girl hit defcon 4 this past week when I discovered (yet again) that my stuff was showing up in odd places….this time specifically at a contest at iconicbritain.com. I’M SURE THEY DON’T WANT ME TO MENTION THEIR NAMES but….apparently microsoft and nikon (more on that later) were/are holding a contest at this website to find the most iconic photographs of britain. Sounds fun, right? EXCEPT they don’t really want YOU to take the pictures, they want you to USE THEIR SEARCH ENGINE AND FIND OTHER PEOPLES PICTURES to enter. Yes, you read me right. Can you believe this shit??????? So, off I go to check their site, and there are 6, yes SIX of my photos up there for voting. Including a photo of Dale Earnhardt and Jeff gordon. Uh…helllooooooooooo? Not british. So, after I was able to scrape myself off the ceiling, I wrote them a very polite “cease and desist” letter. Within an hour I had a “gee we’re real sorry” letter, and a statement that they would remove my cited images before final voting. ah ha. Interestingly enough, I also received the following letter from Nikon (yes, it’s the actual txt, signature and e-mail removed).

Dear ,

Nikon would like to confirm that it has withdrawn its support from Microsoft’s Iconic Britain competition. This is due to the feedback and concerns raised by photographers and entrants surrounding the competition mechanic that was developed and promoted by Microsoft.

Nikon will fulfil its prize commitment to the winners, however it will not be associated with the competition going forward.

Microsoft have been notified of your request to remove images. Please rest assured this is being actioned.

We appreciate your feedback, understanding and continued support.

Yours Sincerely

Now, as you may know, I am a VERY loyal Nikon Customer, and was very pleased to see that they had come to their senses and extracted themselves from this disgusting display. Unfortunately, the “searching” has already been disabled, but I encourage you to visit the site when the images come up and make sure that nothing belongs to you. Because, you see, if your photo is chosen, and you didn’t enter it, some shmoe will win a lovely nikon camera based on YOUR HARD WORK. grrrrr.

This coupled with the fact that flickr knowingly allows people to steal photographs through the following programs:

FlickrFan via Flickr API and RSS feeds allows members to download photographs EVEN THOUGH MY SETTINGS ALLOW NO DOWNLOADS!

Mxyrtones/Myxer via Flickr API has enabled a company to SELL AND ALLOW DOWNLOADS OF MY PHOTOGRAPHY in several venues, including to cellular phones without my AUTHORIZATION OR AGREEMENT.

(think I’m angry???? shoulda seen me last week!!!) Needless to say, all my photos have been pulled, and from now on will only be uploaded here in small format with my GIANT logo on them.

For those of you who visit and read me, and are flickr customers, I encourage you to proceed with caution. Use the biggest ugliest watermark you can on your photos, and put it right across something important. One of my pics actually had the watermark cut off the bottom. grrrrrr. Protect yourself. The internet is a big place, and their are a lot of unscrupulous folks out there. Lots of nice ones too, but watch out for the baddies with NO MANNERS!!!

AND for all you folks who will be searching, and stumble on my blog and find this information, before you tell me that I can’t say these things, oh yes I can.  It is not slander, it is the truth.  Don’t run an illegal contest or maintain poor business practices and I won’t bad mouth you.



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