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Heads or Tails Tuesday – Supply

Heads or Tails Tuesday

Okey dokey, since we’re supposed to “think outside the box” on this meme…..well, I’m really out of the box!

The Wii Fit box that is!

The SUPPLY of these new additions to the Nintendo Wii family is limited, but totally worth waiting for. I’ve had a really tough time finding one, but thanks to a friend who works at a local game store, I was finally able to get one, and let me tell you, I’m in love.

The Wii Fit SUPPLIES (ha!) you with the tools to get up off your butt, have some fun, tone your body, and even lose some weight. The balance board is supplied (again, ha!) with the wii fit disc, which includes yoga, strength training, aerobic exercises and balance activities. They make you more aware of your body, check your balance, monitor your weight gain and loss as well as your estimated BMI.

Yoga: These exercises are broken down by your “trainer” (hot girl or dude, who DO NOT move their mouth when they talk which skeeves me) and then you do them together. Nicely done, but I wish I could combine them without stopping one to start another. You know, like a routine. The nice thing about them is that if the exercise itself is challenging for you to do completely, you can modify and work on your balance, which will overall improve everything.

Strength training: Again, all exercises are demonstrated by your trainer, then you perform them. As you move through the “game” you unlock additional reps and times, which adds to the challenge.

Aerobics: This is my favorite (with balance a very close second) section to the game/program. Aerobic activities include hula hoop, super hoop, step, super step, free step, run, long run and boxing. I am in love with the hula hoop and boxing. The hoop requires that you swing your hips while viewing your mii from the back as he/she hula hoops. From time to time, the mii’s watching will throw additional hoops at you which you have to bend over and catch the hoops, which increases your “spin” rate. Too much fun to do, as well as to watch someone else do. The boxing is a BLAST, fun workout, as you box a supplied (lol!) pattern to the beat of the background music. It’s way fun. 🙂 The free step program supplies you a set number of steps to do during a set time (i.e. 1600 steps in 10 minutes), then counts off a beat in your wiimote. Turn the channel and watch the news (or, like me, turn on sirius 80’s and go to town). The little voice tells you when you reach 100 (200, 300 etc) steps, and encourages you to speed up or slow down as needed. It’s a lot of fun, believe me.

Balance: This portion of the program is just way fun. Snowboarding, skiing, slalom, balance board, tightrope walking, etc. You get points for how well you balance through the challenges. Great for everyone in the family, just for fun.

If you have a wii, and are looking for something fun to supply your family with hours of entertainment, I highly recommend the new Wii Fit program.

This is not a paid advertisement, this is strictly from the heart! 🙂



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Heads or Tails – Doctor

Barb’s theme this week at Heads or Tails Tuesday
is Doctor. It’s an easy one…Me.

For, as you may or may not know, I am, in fact, a Doctor. I received my Doctorate in Naturopathy, and when in VA, practiced as such. Since moving to PA, not so much.

Unlike medical practitioners (this may sound odd, but bear with me) natural health practices require a lot of trust, and most people come to you through word of mouth. Moving to a new state, where no one knew me, well, it just wasn’t happening very well. But, I can still claim the title!

On another note, I made a cool slideshow of the girls in NYC this past week, and if I can figure out how to make it work, I’ll post it!


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Heads or Tails – Favorite Summer Memory

Heads or Tails Tuesday

I really meant to get this written earlier today, but then I thought I would try and locate the disk that had photos on it, and it got put off…..so…rather than FORGET to get it done, I’ll forgo the photos for now, and tell the tale, and locate them later.

Probably my FAVORITE summer memory of all time was the year when DS was 5 and DD was 13 and we took the kids to Disneyworld. A wonderful time was had by all, of course, but THE and I do mean T-H-E funniest thing about the entire trip was when we visited the safari.

There’s a section where they talk/talked about recycling, saving the earth, etc. So, they have this remote controlled trashcan..there’s a man standing not too far away with the control and mic, and he makes the trashcan talk to the kids. It’s really pretty funny. Well, DS thought it was just amazing. He was all about talking to the trashcan. We giggled ourselves silly at this, but were almost peeing our pants by the end of the day, as DS decided that if ONE trashcan would talk to him, all of them would. I kid you not, he spent the rest of the day going up to every trashcan and opening it and yelling “HELLO???” inside. Then he would look at us and say “nope, not that one”.

By far and away my very favorite summertime memory….and the thing that can TO THIS DAY crack me up! (please don’t tell him I told you this…he’s be so mad!!!!!!)


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Heads or Tails – 7 things

This week our famed Heads or Tails leader Skittles has challenged us with 7 things in one category. I was ready for this!

Seven things that make a perfect Sunday – a photo history (lol!)

1. Emerging street level and recording (yet again) DD’s Favorite place EVER


2. Stopping in the middle of the street to record (yet again!!!) DS’s favorite place EVER!


3. Reliving DS’s toddler days while walking thru the M & M’s store saying “Nnnem n Nnnems mommy!” repeatedly to the odd looks of all passers by


4. Discovering that if, in fact, there is an M&M inside each of us, this is mine.


5. Discovering that although you can photograph an inanimate object dozens of times, it still fascinates you and draws you in like an old friend.


6. Having the ability to wander aimlessly, unencumbered by the children, stopping at will to view those things you find most beautiful and shoot them when the light is like butter.


7. Enjoying the fun spirit of the big city, and it’s great people.


Not to mention Nathan’s for breakfast at Penn Station, and a ride on the BRAND SPANKIN NEW double decker cars of the wonderful NJT! (crap, that makes 9 things!)

I also have to share this little tale. We have been desperately (did I say obsessively???) seeking the new Hershey bars with Dale Earnhardt on them. It’s a limited edition thing, IMPOSSIBLE TO GET (if you have them in your hometown, I will gladly buy them from you!) so the thought was, if hershey won’t come to suzy, she’ll go to hershey! A quick call to hershey’s of New York, and Yes, we have an entire display of them! (this was Thursday). Sunday brings a trip to NY JUST TO BUY HERSHEY BARS. No joke. Walk walk walk to times square to hershey (wanna see a pic of that too? Here ya go)



Now….since I KNOW there are some of you making fun of me for this weird excursion…I’ll tell you this. When I asked in the store where they were, they told me they were SOLD OUT! People coming and buying them by the case! (see, I’m not so strange!) I must have looked very sad, because they went to check with the manager to see if they would be getting them again, if I could order, whatever. Alas, it was a one time thing, not to be restocked. HOWEVER…..The manager, and yes, I will be writing to the hershey people, came down, introduced herself as the manager (it was crowded and unfortunately I missed her name) and GAVE ME the LAST TWO BARS IN THE STORE! She said they came in packs of six, did not know why she had 2 bars, she couldn’t sell them to me, apologized profusely for not having them and for my making the long trip in vain, and GAVE ME THE BARS. Now THIS is amazing customer service. I was so blown away! Nice Manager lady, if you, or any of your employees happens across this, know that you made my day. You are the perfect example of an excellent manager. 🙂

Needless to say, I can’t open them as they must be saved. Along with all the other Dale stuff. But, it made for a great story, a wonderful, relaxing day, and a renewed sense of faith in my fellow man. 🙂 Not too shabby for a Sunday in NYC!


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Heads or Tails – Who would you like to meet?


This week the theme at Heads or tails is “who would  you like to meet and why?”.  I took it one step farther, and thought I would pick 3 people I would like to meet and photograph.  I think about that a lot, actually.  If the opportunity presented itself, who would I like to photograph if I could? What would it be like???

In no particular order(with google photos, not mine unfortunately!):

Dweezil Zappa:  I am SUCH a huge Frank Zappa fan, and became a Dweezil fan as soon as he started making music.  His styling is so much like his dads, yet still has a fresh, personal sound.  On top of that, he’s UNBELIEVABLY sexy, and has the most amazing eyes. I think a conversation with him would be enlightening as well as entertaining. I would photograph him in black and white, low key to catch his edgyness and really pop those eyes.

David Ortiz: We all know what a HUGE sox fan I am, so this should come as no surprise. Big Papi seems like such a gentleman to me, I would love to have the opportunity to talk with him about his childhood, being with the Sox, and baseball in general.  In photographing him, I would do something with him in a t-shirt, busting out the guns, with a teddy bear on each bicep.  He’s a rock, but deep inside, I think he’s just a teddy bear. 


Pink:  I love her style, I love her music, and I would love to get her alone for 1 hour just to talk about her…what drives her, what inspires her.  Everyone sees her as very edgy, but I also see her as a “vargas girl” and would love to shoot some like that.  She’s from Doylestown, which is about 10 minutes from me.  How cool would THAT be?!?!


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