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Free Cards from Zazzle!

Even though it’s only October, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas Cards.

Starting Monday, October 6th, Zazzle begins their sample sale, where you can order up to 5 different card designs FREE and just pay for shipping*.  Customize the cards with your greeting, upload your favorite photos, and get a head start on your holiday greeting cards!

Beginning Monday, enter the promo code 5FREECARDS to receive your free greeting cards. Note:

I don’t make any $$$ on these cards, I just think it’s a great deal and want to share it with my friends.  🙂

Looking for my photo template cards? Start Here

Baseball Theme? Check Here

*free cards available on greeting cards or note cards only

Although I’d LOVE to think you would only ask for samples of MY cards (lol!) there are a zillion to choose from.  Upload your favorite photos and get some free holiday cards!


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A few shots from today’s photo trip

Took a little trip down to Laurel Hill Cemetery today with my bud shari, great time, and some great shots (I think). Simply for your viewing pleasure:

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Sneak Peek for Kate

From a great photo shoot with dear Aiden. He’s just too cute for words!

Aiden Profile



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Laurel Hill Cemetery

As you may or may not know, I have this ….strange and unusual passion? Interest? whatever … with Funerary Art. I’ve photographed many cemetery in my day, and really enjoy the expression and emotion displayed on these hallowed grounds.

Yesterday I took myself on a trip to Laurel Hill Cemetery, and had a wonderful time. Thought I would share just a few of my favorites. 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

Laurel Hill Slumber

Laurel Hill Angel 2

Laurel Hill Lion

A personal favorite, the Grave of Mathias Baldwin – Baldwin Locomotive Works

Mathias Baldwin Grave

Laurel Hill Angel

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Sneak Peek for Steph

Had a wonderful and really fun shoot last night with Steph…she wanted a “fifties look”. Shots came out great, and I played a LOT with some filters to give these that old timey feel. For your viewing pleasure!


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OpLove Sneak Peek

I’ve been busy post processing 2 photo shoots from the last week or so, and will have some sneaks on those too, but have to share these from an OpLove session from yesterday. This was my first official session for OpLove, although I have had friends and family go overseas and do the same for them in the past. Absolutely beautiful I think. Not only the photos, but the people themselves. As wonderful as the session was, I truly was amazed that the entire boarding area stood and gave our returning hero a standing ovation as he entered the airport. Ya know, people can still surprise you.   Unfortunately, our Brave Soldier is only home on R&R for 2 weeks, and I don’t think that sweet little angel is going to let him go the entire time.  Anyway, your peek!

She just couldn’t saying “Daddy, I love you”.

I think this is one of my top 3 or 4 faves for the entire day.  It just says it all.

Thanks guys, for letting me be a part of your very special reunion.


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Trip to MOMA

Thought I would post a few photos from this weekends foray into NYC. For those of you in, around, near or within “gettin to” distance, MOMA is having an exhibit of Salvador Dali until October (I think) and it’s really amazing. I happened to catch (twice) the exhibit in Philly when it was here, and although the MOMA show is smaller, it’s still a wonderful time. 130 pieces of his work, including films, letters, scripts, paintings, sculpture…you get it. One of my faves in the visual works was the dream sequence from “spellbound” which not only included the film, but the actual backdrop from the film. Pretty cool. Some scenes from MOMA:

The sign welcoming you to the exhibit

You are allowed to photograph all works in the museum EXCEPT those in a temporary display. Since THIS dali was not in the show, I got it’s pic. 🙂

One of my very favorite Van Gogh pieces. Starry night is out on loan until October (of course!) so I was unable to see that one this time….but was thrilled to see “The Olive Trees”. These two go together, like yin and yang, to me.

This was something I had always wanted to see. Very cool. I appreciate Warhol and his work, but it’s really I dunno..inspiring? Mind blowing? Amazing? something to stand in front of these and look at how perfectly alike they are, yet different.

Despite the on and off rain, tooled around town to take a look at carnegie deli, Winter Garden Theater, Naked Cowboy in Times Square, and a shot, which I thought was really cool of Prada’s Window.
A few other photos up here.

All in all, a really great day. The only bummer was that B & H is closed on Saturday! ah well.


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