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Heads or Tails Tuesday – Supply

Heads or Tails Tuesday

Okey dokey, since we’re supposed to “think outside the box” on this meme…..well, I’m really out of the box!

The Wii Fit box that is!

The SUPPLY of these new additions to the Nintendo Wii family is limited, but totally worth waiting for. I’ve had a really tough time finding one, but thanks to a friend who works at a local game store, I was finally able to get one, and let me tell you, I’m in love.

The Wii Fit SUPPLIES (ha!) you with the tools to get up off your butt, have some fun, tone your body, and even lose some weight. The balance board is supplied (again, ha!) with the wii fit disc, which includes yoga, strength training, aerobic exercises and balance activities. They make you more aware of your body, check your balance, monitor your weight gain and loss as well as your estimated BMI.

Yoga: These exercises are broken down by your “trainer” (hot girl or dude, who DO NOT move their mouth when they talk which skeeves me) and then you do them together. Nicely done, but I wish I could combine them without stopping one to start another. You know, like a routine. The nice thing about them is that if the exercise itself is challenging for you to do completely, you can modify and work on your balance, which will overall improve everything.

Strength training: Again, all exercises are demonstrated by your trainer, then you perform them. As you move through the “game” you unlock additional reps and times, which adds to the challenge.

Aerobics: This is my favorite (with balance a very close second) section to the game/program. Aerobic activities include hula hoop, super hoop, step, super step, free step, run, long run and boxing. I am in love with the hula hoop and boxing. The hoop requires that you swing your hips while viewing your mii from the back as he/she hula hoops. From time to time, the mii’s watching will throw additional hoops at you which you have to bend over and catch the hoops, which increases your “spin” rate. Too much fun to do, as well as to watch someone else do. The boxing is a BLAST, fun workout, as you box a supplied (lol!) pattern to the beat of the background music. It’s way fun. 🙂 The free step program supplies you a set number of steps to do during a set time (i.e. 1600 steps in 10 minutes), then counts off a beat in your wiimote. Turn the channel and watch the news (or, like me, turn on sirius 80’s and go to town). The little voice tells you when you reach 100 (200, 300 etc) steps, and encourages you to speed up or slow down as needed. It’s a lot of fun, believe me.

Balance: This portion of the program is just way fun. Snowboarding, skiing, slalom, balance board, tightrope walking, etc. You get points for how well you balance through the challenges. Great for everyone in the family, just for fun.

If you have a wii, and are looking for something fun to supply your family with hours of entertainment, I highly recommend the new Wii Fit program.

This is not a paid advertisement, this is strictly from the heart! 🙂



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Heads or Tails Tuesday – Manner

Heads or Tails Tuesday Meme – Manner

So our topic this week is “Manner”, and I’m gonna add an “s” to the end of the word, because I’ve been having problems this past week or so with manners.

Not my manners, mind you, as I was raised a Good Southern Girl (note caps) who would never in any way show bad manners. (HA!) ahem. Anywho. The manners in which I speak are of those who would steal cheat and lie…specifically those who have been stealing photos.

You may have noticed that my flickr doohickey over there is all gone. Yep….all. gone. The girl hit defcon 4 this past week when I discovered (yet again) that my stuff was showing up in odd places….this time specifically at a contest at I’M SURE THEY DON’T WANT ME TO MENTION THEIR NAMES but….apparently microsoft and nikon (more on that later) were/are holding a contest at this website to find the most iconic photographs of britain. Sounds fun, right? EXCEPT they don’t really want YOU to take the pictures, they want you to USE THEIR SEARCH ENGINE AND FIND OTHER PEOPLES PICTURES to enter. Yes, you read me right. Can you believe this shit??????? So, off I go to check their site, and there are 6, yes SIX of my photos up there for voting. Including a photo of Dale Earnhardt and Jeff gordon. Uh…helllooooooooooo? Not british. So, after I was able to scrape myself off the ceiling, I wrote them a very polite “cease and desist” letter. Within an hour I had a “gee we’re real sorry” letter, and a statement that they would remove my cited images before final voting. ah ha. Interestingly enough, I also received the following letter from Nikon (yes, it’s the actual txt, signature and e-mail removed).

Dear ,

Nikon would like to confirm that it has withdrawn its support from Microsoft’s Iconic Britain competition. This is due to the feedback and concerns raised by photographers and entrants surrounding the competition mechanic that was developed and promoted by Microsoft.

Nikon will fulfil its prize commitment to the winners, however it will not be associated with the competition going forward.

Microsoft have been notified of your request to remove images. Please rest assured this is being actioned.

We appreciate your feedback, understanding and continued support.

Yours Sincerely

Now, as you may know, I am a VERY loyal Nikon Customer, and was very pleased to see that they had come to their senses and extracted themselves from this disgusting display. Unfortunately, the “searching” has already been disabled, but I encourage you to visit the site when the images come up and make sure that nothing belongs to you. Because, you see, if your photo is chosen, and you didn’t enter it, some shmoe will win a lovely nikon camera based on YOUR HARD WORK. grrrrr.

This coupled with the fact that flickr knowingly allows people to steal photographs through the following programs:

FlickrFan via Flickr API and RSS feeds allows members to download photographs EVEN THOUGH MY SETTINGS ALLOW NO DOWNLOADS!

Mxyrtones/Myxer via Flickr API has enabled a company to SELL AND ALLOW DOWNLOADS OF MY PHOTOGRAPHY in several venues, including to cellular phones without my AUTHORIZATION OR AGREEMENT.

(think I’m angry???? shoulda seen me last week!!!) Needless to say, all my photos have been pulled, and from now on will only be uploaded here in small format with my GIANT logo on them.

For those of you who visit and read me, and are flickr customers, I encourage you to proceed with caution. Use the biggest ugliest watermark you can on your photos, and put it right across something important. One of my pics actually had the watermark cut off the bottom. grrrrrr. Protect yourself. The internet is a big place, and their are a lot of unscrupulous folks out there. Lots of nice ones too, but watch out for the baddies with NO MANNERS!!!

AND for all you folks who will be searching, and stumble on my blog and find this information, before you tell me that I can’t say these things, oh yes I can.  It is not slander, it is the truth.  Don’t run an illegal contest or maintain poor business practices and I won’t bad mouth you.


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Heads or Tails – Doctor

Barb’s theme this week at Heads or Tails Tuesday
is Doctor. It’s an easy one…Me.

For, as you may or may not know, I am, in fact, a Doctor. I received my Doctorate in Naturopathy, and when in VA, practiced as such. Since moving to PA, not so much.

Unlike medical practitioners (this may sound odd, but bear with me) natural health practices require a lot of trust, and most people come to you through word of mouth. Moving to a new state, where no one knew me, well, it just wasn’t happening very well. But, I can still claim the title!

On another note, I made a cool slideshow of the girls in NYC this past week, and if I can figure out how to make it work, I’ll post it!


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HoT Tuesday – Sit or Stand

I’m a day late, but I have a GREAT excuse!  (she says)

Ok.   My excuse is that I have such a great “sit or stand” and I had to wait for it to be done….which is just now.  So….

Sit or Stand..There’s one place in my house that requires that you ONLY sit or stand…The Bathroom!  Monday I decided I had had ENOUGH of the tacky paneling that was in there, so OUT IT CAME.  After 2 days of lots of work, I present you with, my sit or stand!

This is where we started.  It USED to be dark brown, but a year or so ago I tried to quick fix it and paint it white. Still hated it.  Had visions of colonies of mold growing behind it.  ugh.

Once I got the paneling removed, it seems as though they had some nasty wallpaper prior to that, and didn’t bother to remove it fully.  Just used liquid nails to attach the panels to the walls…with a lot of regular nails as well.  Needless to say, I started to realize that these walls would NEVER be smooth, so, opted for a textured effect.  One bucket of drywall mud later….the texture going on.

A close-up view of the texture as it’s going on.  I used a high tech (loofa sponge) texture device to give it some oomph after applying the mud with a trowel, the did a knock-down on it after it set.

After drying, being primed, painted, and tinted, the finished texture.

Voila!  A whole new room!!!  I’m really pleased.  Now (of course) I want to replace the mirror and light and the vanity.  Then?? will I be happy????  lol..probably not!  However, I DO have a 1/2 bath that ALSO has the same wood crap…sooooo……next project……?  We’ll see.  🙂

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Heads or Tails Tuesday – Joke

Heads or Tails Tuesday

One of my faves, sent to me by my dear friend Tom.

Mick, from Dublin, appeared on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and towards the
end of the program had already won 500,000 pounds.

You’ve done very well so far,’ said, Chris Tarrant, the show’s presenter, ‘but for a million pounds you’ve only got one lifeline left – phone a
friend. Everything is riding on this question……will you go for it?’

‘Sure,’ said Mick. ‘I’ll have a go!’

‘Which of the following birds does NOT build its own nest?’

A: Sparrow

B: Thrush

C: Magpie

D: Cuckoo

I haven’t got a clue,’ said Mick, ‘so I’ll use me last lifeline and phone me friend Paddy back home in Dublin’.

Mick called up his mate, and told him the circumstances and repeated the question to him.

‘Fookin hell, Mick!’ cried Paddy. ‘Dat’s simple……it’s a cuckoo.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’m fookin sure.’

Mick hung up the phone and told Chris, ‘I’ll go wit Cuckoo as me answer.’

‘Is that your final answer?’ asked Chris ‘Dat it is, Sir.’

There was a long – long pause, then the presenter screamed, ‘Cuckoo is the correct answer! Mick, you’ve won 1 million pounds!’

The next night, Mick invited Paddy to their local pub to buy him a drink.

‘Tell me, Paddy? How in Heaven’s name did you know it was da Cuckoo that doesn’t build it’s own nest?

‘Because he lives in a Fookin clock!’


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HoT – “O”

My buddy Barb over at Skittles Place runs the fabulous Heads or Tails Tuesday, and I always find them really thoughtful and enjoyable. Barb tells us we should “think outside the box”. This week the theme is anything that starts with “O”. My first thought really did start with O, and was funny, but opted for something a little more…um..mainstream and am gonna talk to you about H2O.

With summer upon us, everyone is constantly talking about drinking water and staying hydrated. But do you realize how much water you actually need, and why? What water does for the body? And what it CAN do for the body??? Well, here we go.

How much water do you really need, and why. Depending on your weight and gender, the human body is made up of about 65% water. The brain is comprised of over 90% water. It takes less than a 2% drop in our bodies water level before we start to show signs of dehydration. Headaches, blurry vision, loss of short term memory, etc. Extreme loss can lead to muscle cramping and weakness, fainting, and even death. The water in our bodies is necessary for function of major organs, muscles and blood volume. The easiest way to determine the amount of water needed each day for healthy life function is to take your weight (up to 200 lbs) and divide it by 2. That means that an average person of 170 lbs would need 85 oz of water every day just to keep the body functioning at optimum health. This does NOT include soft drinks, sports drinks, coffee, tea, etc. All of these beverages cause a different effect on the body, which I’ll go into later, but basically, the body perceives these liquids as a “food” as they have added chemicals, sugars, etc. that require a separate type of processing. Now, that may sound like a lot of water to consume in a day, but the easiest way is to get yourself a pitcher or water bottle, fill it first thing in the morning with your required amount of water, and drink from it during the day. Do the same for the kids, get them a colorful water bottle of their very own to encourage them.

What about sports drinks. Sports drinks were created for athletes who were working out under grueling conditions and sweating profusely. Sports drinks provide potassium and minerals which replace those lost during extreme workouts. They are not meant to be used by average people as a daily beverage. Increased consumption of these beverages can cause increased potassium levels, causing health problems. Additionally, the sugar contained in these drinks adds empty calories and causes health problems.

What type of water? Of course, the easiest water is that which comes right out of the tap. However, that can provide health problems of its own. Studies have shown that the amount of antibiotics contained in average drinking water is reaching dangerous levels. A home water filter system, whether it be a whole house, pitcher or faucet type is the best defense. Depending on the system, you can spend several thousand dollars or under 50. Find the system that works best for your family. I prefer an RO system (reverse osmosis) and if you are interested in more information, please contact me. I find that they are the least expensive and most functional. Bottled water, when purchased, should be spring, not distilled. Distilled water is “dead” water (equivalent of boiled water) and among other things has a very flat taste.

Water for weight management. When the body doesn’t receive it’s necessary amount of water daily, it “hangs on” to the water it already has. This causes a decrease in urine production and perspiration, which also causes an increase in toxins in the system. It also causes bloating and “water weight gain”. Increasing the amount of water consumed helps to flush the body of toxins, which has been shown to have a decrease in certain types of cancers. Many times we feel hungry it is actually our body trying to let us know we’re thirsty. Increasing water intake can decrease our hunger level, allowing us to eat less. Consuming just one 8 oz glass of water BEFORE eating can decrease our hunger level, allowing us to eat less. Increasing water consumption combined with moderate exercise, even walking, can be the easiest form of weight loss available. Many people tell me that they don’t drink water because it makes them go to the bathroom. Yes, it does, because that’s it’s purpose. I realize that this isn’t always convenient, but is necessary for the body’s health and function. Part of the reason is that when you first start to increase your water is that they body is not used to it, and will allow it to pass through, holding on to the water it already has. Once the body becomes used to having a steady supply, it will allow the “old” water to pass through (you will notice because the urine will become darker and have an unpleasant odor) and begin to use the fresh water you are introducing. Once you reach a steady level, the urine production will level out as well.

Year round health. We often think of drinking more water in the summer when it’s hot, but it is equally important year round. During the winter it is necessary to keep water consumption up due to the dry air both outdoors and in. It is as easy to become dehydrated in the winter as in the summer. And with the lack of fresh vegetables, we receive less water from food sources. Increasing water in the winter also keeps the body warmer, since we function more effectively.

Drink coffee? Make sure you drink 1 8 oz glass of water for EACH cup of coffee consumed. Same for alcoholic beverages. Not only does that cut down on the amount you may drink (since you’ll feel fuller) but will most times prevent a hangover (since hangovers are mostly caused from dehydration!) Acne? Increase water to remove toxins from the colon.

Make today the day you take control of your health and increase your water intake. You’ll be glad you did.


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Heads or Tails – Favorite Summer Memory

Heads or Tails Tuesday

I really meant to get this written earlier today, but then I thought I would try and locate the disk that had photos on it, and it got put off……rather than FORGET to get it done, I’ll forgo the photos for now, and tell the tale, and locate them later.

Probably my FAVORITE summer memory of all time was the year when DS was 5 and DD was 13 and we took the kids to Disneyworld. A wonderful time was had by all, of course, but THE and I do mean T-H-E funniest thing about the entire trip was when we visited the safari.

There’s a section where they talk/talked about recycling, saving the earth, etc. So, they have this remote controlled trashcan..there’s a man standing not too far away with the control and mic, and he makes the trashcan talk to the kids. It’s really pretty funny. Well, DS thought it was just amazing. He was all about talking to the trashcan. We giggled ourselves silly at this, but were almost peeing our pants by the end of the day, as DS decided that if ONE trashcan would talk to him, all of them would. I kid you not, he spent the rest of the day going up to every trashcan and opening it and yelling “HELLO???” inside. Then he would look at us and say “nope, not that one”.

By far and away my very favorite summertime memory….and the thing that can TO THIS DAY crack me up! (please don’t tell him I told you this…he’s be so mad!!!!!!)


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