Boobie Hat

Just so you don’t think I’ve been slacking during these last few months…oh no, not I!  Another free pattern for your entertainment!  I designed this hat for my dear Friend Shari, a three (yes, three) time breast cancer survivor.  If anyone ever deserved a boob hat, boy she does.  AND she loves it, despite the fact that she abhors pink!  A note on the pattern, shari is a crocheter, not a knitter, so I included a crochet band as a sign of the bond we both share.  You could certainly change it to a knitted ribbed band with no trouble.


Boobie Hat

Vanna’s Choice Pink – 1 sk
Vanna’s Choice Rose – 1 sk
Size 7 dpn’s (and circular if you choose)

You will have enough left over (I’m thinking) to make at least one more hat….consider donating it to a good cause!

With circular or dpn’s, cast on 72 sts. Being careful not to twist, join and work 2 (or as needed) rows of k2, p2 ribbing. Begin working in st st for 7″ (or as desired).

Beginning decrease: *you can begin your “nipple” at any point…guess it depends on how large you want it to be!

K 7, k2tog around (64 sts)
k 1 round
K6, k2tog around (56 sts)
K1 around.

Continue in this manner decreasing every other row until you have 40 sts, change to rose, and continue decreasing until you have 8 sts.

K2tog around (4 sts) and work 3 rows on these 4 sts to create nipple. Cut yarn, leaving long end, and draw through 4 sts. run in ends.

Cuff: Using “J” hook hdc through loops on beginning row around (72 hdc). join to top of first hdc, ch 2, turn.
Round 2: * FPHDC in first st, BPHDC in next st, around. join to top of first st, ch 2, turn. Repeat round 2 one time. Fasten off, run in ends, and there you have it….your own fancy boobie hat!

*Note:  I certainly hope that you enjoy this free pattern.  THAT BEING SAID… This free pattern created by me and me alone.  I worked hard to make it, write it, think it through and therefore the pattern and the associated photographs are only for personal non-commercial use and are not for resale.  Don’t be mean…or I will find you!



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4 responses to “Boobie Hat

  1. Susan Martin

    I just love the boobie hat! I have to have one. When I find someone who can knit, I’ll beg and plead until I get one. Thanks for the pattern.

    I am a former myspace friend (Smac21) of yours…but deleted the account in favor of facebook. Hope to see you around.


  2. Ilesha

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  4. Jeana

    I really want to find this in baby size, can you help?

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