Sponsor A Hat Program

Each year during the holidays, DS’s school hosts a “hat tree” in the school lobby. Students and their families are encouraged to donate warm winter hats, gloves and scarves to be placed on the tree. Donations are then delivered to a local organization that benefits children that are disadvantaged. Many of the children are in shelters and children’s homes, and may not have warm winter wear without these donations.

Last year I didn’t find out about the program until the beginning of December, but was still able to knit about 8 hats to donate to the cause. We received a very positive response from the school and organization, and they were very happy to have these home made goodies for the children.
This year, I’ve decided to start on the project early, and that is where you, my faithful reader, come in.

This year, I’ve started a “sponsor a hat” program. Donations will be used to purchase warm comfy yarn which will create the hats for the children. You can even select your own color! Each sponsored hat will have an attached tag stating “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” from the ___________ Family, your city and state.

I will also make sure that you receive a photograph of your hat(s) and a listing on the “Sponsor a Hat” page on this website. It should be a fun challenge…let’s see how many I can create! I’ll keep a running total online of hats created, so you can cheer me on or give me a “get moving” push! I’m setting myself a goal of 100 hats by December 15, and am starting with 3 completed. I’ve got a long way to go!

A donation of $5.00 purchases enough yarn to create 3 warm handmade hats that will benefit needy children in our community. Just an idea of how much can be done, with very little.

AND I challenge all my knitting and crocheting friends to create their own “sponsor a hat” program in their community! It’s an easy project that means so much to those who have so little.
Want to be a sponsor? Just click the “sponsor a hat” button at the top of this post! Thanks to everyone in advance, I can’t wait to see how far we can go!


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  1. My daughters old school used to do that, but now that she’s in high school I have no idea if they do it or not. I made a few hats and mittens last year for the tree.

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