HoT Tuesday – Sit or Stand

I’m a day late, but I have a GREAT excuse!  (she says)

Ok.   My excuse is that I have such a great “sit or stand” and I had to wait for it to be done….which is just now.  So….

Sit or Stand..There’s one place in my house that requires that you ONLY sit or stand…The Bathroom!  Monday I decided I had had ENOUGH of the tacky paneling that was in there, so OUT IT CAME.  After 2 days of lots of work, I present you with, my sit or stand!

This is where we started.  It USED to be dark brown, but a year or so ago I tried to quick fix it and paint it white. Still hated it.  Had visions of colonies of mold growing behind it.  ugh.

Once I got the paneling removed, it seems as though they had some nasty wallpaper prior to that, and didn’t bother to remove it fully.  Just used liquid nails to attach the panels to the walls…with a lot of regular nails as well.  Needless to say, I started to realize that these walls would NEVER be smooth, so, opted for a textured effect.  One bucket of drywall mud later….the texture going on.

A close-up view of the texture as it’s going on.  I used a high tech (loofa sponge) texture device to give it some oomph after applying the mud with a trowel, the did a knock-down on it after it set.

After drying, being primed, painted, and tinted, the finished texture.

Voila!  A whole new room!!!  I’m really pleased.  Now (of course) I want to replace the mirror and light and the vanity.  Then?? will I be happy????  lol..probably not!  However, I DO have a 1/2 bath that ALSO has the same wood crap…sooooo……next project……?  We’ll see.  🙂


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  1. That looks great! Wanna come do my bathroom next? ;o)

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