OpLove Sneak Peek

I’ve been busy post processing 2 photo shoots from the last week or so, and will have some sneaks on those too, but have to share these from an OpLove session from yesterday. This was my first official session for OpLove, although I have had friends and family go overseas and do the same for them in the past. Absolutely beautiful I think. Not only the photos, but the people themselves. As wonderful as the session was, I truly was amazed that the entire boarding area stood and gave our returning hero a standing ovation as he entered the airport. Ya know, people can still surprise you.   Unfortunately, our Brave Soldier is only home on R&R for 2 weeks, and I don’t think that sweet little angel is going to let him go the entire time.  Anyway, your peek!

She just couldn’t saying “Daddy, I love you”.

I think this is one of my top 3 or 4 faves for the entire day.  It just says it all.

Thanks guys, for letting me be a part of your very special reunion.



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2 responses to “OpLove Sneak Peek

  1. Those pictures are not only gorgeous, they are also very special!

  2. Susan

    Thank you so much for your generosity in being there for my brother-in-law’s return! We can’t thank you enough for giving up your time and capturing such an emotional and special occasion.

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