Defending Moral Turpitude

I’m going to go out on a limb with something here, and I ask that you bear with me to the end.  You can do it…trust me.

Let’s start with a hypothetical situation, shall we?

As you all may know I have spent the last 15+ years of my life working with Natural Health and in the Natural Health Field.  I’ve seen hundreds of clients, of ALL ages during this time.  From infants to the elderly.  Now, let’s just say, that during that time, I was working with a small child, around the age of 8 or so.  Girl or boy, it doesn’t matter.  And lets just say that the parents are of a conservative nature (which, totally blows the hypothesis since I would be shunned by them for more “traditional medicine”, but let’s roll with this).  I digress.  So, let’s say that I’m seeing this child regularly for several months.  And during this time I reschedule one of their appointments by one day, citing that I am taking that day off and will be out of town.

NOW.  I’ve returned from my day off, and am arriving at my office on the following day, and my co-worker (the owner of the establishment) tells me that I will not be seeing clients that day.  BECAUSE the day before, on MY DAY OFF I went to the beach, dropped into a bar, and participated in a bikini contest where I won $5000.  (lets just say that this is a financial windfall for me, being a single parent, needing the money for bills, whatever.)  Additionally, my co-worker/employer announces that I am a disgrace to my business for taking the day off to participate in this moral turpitude.  I am harassed, threatened, and eventually resign my position to prevent being fired and causing a scandal.

Now, I ask you…does this make a LICK of sense to you?????  How is what I do in my personal life, hundreds of miles away from my home reflect on my ability to work with my clients?  I did not drink and drive, was not arrested, was not on the news, did not cause a scene.  Let’s say that photos were taken of me in a bikini, something seen on every beach in the world every day, and ended up on the internet site for the company sponsoring the event. Perhaps an interview was taped.  I’m not wearing anything particularly risky, just a simple bikini from, say, Old Navy or something.  I want to know how these two separate items relate to one another.

So does Marie Jarry.  Ms. Jarry is, rather, WAS an elementary school teacher in Southington Ct. who took a sick day and appeared on the Howard Stern show in an “Ugliest Dude/Hottest Wife” contest.  Ms Jarry appeared in a Bikini on the show, and won $5000.  Ms. Jarry is suing her school officials as well as her union, citing harassment causing her to resign from her position, and is requesting back pay from the time of the incident.

I’ve been following this story, and recently viewed one (of many) news videos relating to the event, and I have to tell you, I was completely incensed!  The harassment and ultimate forcing of resignation of Ms. Jarry over this event is absolutely heinous.  It is a great relation to George Orwell’s Thought Police in my opinion.  And the attitude of the news announcers was akin to blaming the rape victim for wearing a short skirt.  “She was asking for it”.  Here is a woman who, on a day off (a paid sick day, more on that later) traveled to NY to appear on a radio show for a contest.  Because the show in question in Howard Stern, whom I enjoy but some do not, the school board felt that it was inappropriate behavior and she had violated her morals clause.  Apparently these news anchors/legal advisors felt that Ms. Jarry had no right to subject the students to a substitute teacher while she was off being inappropriate on an inappropriate show.  The comment was made that Teachers get a lot of time off, and she called in sick to appear in a bikini contest. They also state that “most teachers take every one of their paid sick days and consider them vacation days.  SO WHAT?  How does this relate to anything??? They felt that she was not only guilty, but asking for it.   They even commented that this was no longer the 50’s and she didn’t take off to be in a baking contest or something innocent.  What if she had taken the day off to visit a sick or dying friend?  To help the homeless?  To feed the hungry?  Would these have been acceptable things to do on her day off?  What about having a quiet lunch with her husband for their anniversary?  Drinking a bottle of wine dockside?  Having sex all day?  How does WHAT she does on her DAY OFF relate?  Additionally, one of the legal analysts, a WOMAN, made comment that Ms. Jarry appeared in a bikini and then went on to say that in this you tube generation these kids (second graders) could easily go online and see their teacher in a bikini “and by the way honey…put your clothes on”.  WTF??

They’re right about one thing.  This is no longer the 50’s.   Attempting to make the point that she was not in an innocent baking contest, or that THAT would be an acceptable reason for taking a paid sick day just proves that there are still fools out there who feel that women should be judged differently than men.  I wonder, had a male teacher done the same thing, would HE have been forced to resign?

As you know, I try to stay away from any type of inflammatory commentary here, I just want to have some fun and help educate folks from time to time on Natural Health.  However, this subject was so enraging to me I’m going out on the proverbial limb.  I’m sure that there are some out there that would disagree with me.  They feel that certain people in our communities should be held above reproach, never make a mistake or misjudgement and should lead a perfect lifestyle.  I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for this post, and for the following statements.  That’s fine.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I just hope that you truly THINK before you make up your mind.

Ms. Jarry, I support you in your fight.  I think that you have a long road ahead of you, and one that will be relatively unpleasant.  However, I hope you realize that there are those of us who still believe we can lead a public life, as well as a private one.


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  1. That is absolutely horrible and outrageous! I could understand if she posed nude in Playboy, but come on she was only in a bikini. I bet if it was a male teacher they won’t have any problem with them posing in a speedo.

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