Today was an accomplishing kind of day.  A good news bad news day.  Let us start there…shall we?

Good News:  I was able to borrow a pry bar from the RR to assist in removal of the “stump”

Bad News:  The stump does NOT want to be removed. The stump has set up shop and might as well be carrying a protest sign.  The dog is furious with me because I keep screwing around with HER hole in the ground, and I had just about reached my frustration point.  SO I called a friend from a landscaping company and he took a look at it, proclaimed it an amazing job and basically “keep up the good work”.  He said the only other thing HE could do was bring in a backhoe (yeah, like my neighbors would LOVE that!) and pull it out.  Alas…at the moment, the stump remains and I did inside work today.


Moved all my stamping and scrapping gear up to my room.  I had it in the back living room, which is DS area and it was really crowding him.  So,  I moved it.  Including the table, chair, 4 cabinets of crap, stamps…you get the gist.  I truly own entirely too much stampin stuff.  Oh!  I did find this cool magazine online, you can dnload it free.  Check it out at They have some really great ideas.   Oh….back on track….THEN he and I cleaned his living room, rearranged the furniture to his liking, and promptly set up his tent so he could camp out downstairs tonight.  Fine by me.  🙂

2 loads of laundry.  nuff said.

Dishes, 3 meals, watched Harry Potter with DS, and I am beat!  I think it is time for me to turn in and read a book.  Tomorrow I approach the stump with a renewed fervor…at least that is the plan!


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