too tired to think

So I’m going with a photo post today.  Worked for about 3 1/2 hours on the stump from the aforementioned shrub, and started unearthing siding left by the builders (in the 70’s mind you!).  Since the tree was planted several years later, I’m assuming I’m getting to the bottom of the root ball.  I promise photos of the shrub in its GIGANTIC trench tomorrow….it’s almost dark and didn’t take any today.  I’m sure my neighbors are amused watching me try and dig this sucker out…made all the more amusing by the fact that there is a 12-18″ high pile of dirt around the entire trench, with me in all my glory standing atop it trying to dig down in this friggin hole.  Did I mention I was REALLY tired?  On that note….

Wish I was here

Having this

It’s supposed to be that color…it’s a Raspberry Wheat!

Looking at this

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