Goofy Dog

So the aforementioned bush is still residing in the backyard (james has given pinkie swear that he will chop it down tomorrow!) and while I was doing work back there today, I snuck and caught this little pic.  Apparently Bodhi has decided that the hole is her domain, and is using it to her full advantage.  It’s amusing, to say the very least.

She’s so funny.  What you can’t see is that her butt is tucked in the hole, her back feet are sticking straight up in the air.  What a goof.  From that vantage she can watch all the neighbors walk their doggies by and bark at them and make me crazy.  Ha. Ha.

I’ve decided to put some of the pumpkins in peat pots and send them to DS’s school for the kids, teachers, whatever.  They have grown another inch since I took their picture and I envision them overtaking the house while I sleep if they are not dealt with very very soon.

Have a photo shoot in the park tomorrow, hopefully I’ll have some images to share by tomorrow afternoon!


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  1. ROFL That’s hilarious!!!

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