She says with a laugh.

Ya see….yall will remember when I mentioned doing work in/on our backyard recently.  SOOOO part of that included getting the tomato and cucumber plants and peppers and such in.  Well.  In addition to that, I happened to have some purple potatoes here that had gone to seed, and since they are DD’s fave, I decided to include them in the garden.  AND DS asked if he could save the seeds from last years pumpkin and try to grow his own this year.  Sure says mom.  So THEY went into the garden as well.  (note..I wasn’t really expecting much from either crop.  that’s important to mention here, but knew it would please my children so …well… you get it)  For the pumpkins, I figured that if one plant came up DS would be thrilled.  So…I decided that the more seeds I planted, the better chance I had (sounds logical, right?!?!?!?!?!?).  So in they went.  By the handful.  Do you KNOW how many seeds are in a standard sized pumpkin?  Do you REALIZE HOW MANY SEEDS I HAD?  I planted like HALF!!!  I happened to check the garden on Sunday, nothing doing with either of those crops.  This morning, while opening DS’s blinds, I happened to notice an ABUNDANCE of weeds at the end of my garden.  What the french toast????  Nah…..that can’t be….nah…I was just out there the other day and there was nothing.  So, I go to check and paint me green and call me gumby, I swear EVERY ONE OF THE DANG PUNKIN SEEDS HAS GERMINATED AND IS NOW 2 INCHES TALL! Holy toledo batman!  It’s rather gloomy and wet out now, but will take a photo of the little suckers as soon as I can…before they take over the entire house.  What the heck was I thinking??????????

So, if you need a pumpkin plant, let me know!  I’ve got plenty!!!


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  1. Just think of the all the pumpkins you can use in Fall decorations now. :o)

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