Giving it a shot!

So tomorrow starts the June version of Nablopomo.  I’ve signed up (see the cute little widget…no..over there…) and am gonna do my best to meet the challenge.  I think this is just what I needed to get myself in gear.  The theme for June is “home” which is both comforting and very difficult for me….so hopefully it will be a good learning experience.  I’ll do my best to include a photo each day as well….hey, I’m not promising, but I’ll try!

On a side note, the shrub is still sitting in it’s trench waiting for the proffered chainsaw to arrive, but all veggies have been planted, and flowers are trying to make a comeback.  We can only hope.  On a personal level, I have itchy spots which I refuse to acknowledge as any type of “poison” and am currently just ignoring.  I’m being Scarlett and thinking about it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll see you then!


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One response to “Giving it a shot!

  1. I did the month long posting before. It wasn’t too hard because I post every day anyway, but it’s the pressure of “I have to post” that made me decide never to do it again. See you tomorrow. :o)

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