Heads or Tails – Surprise!


I actually have a fun surprise (more for me, I’m sure…but hey) this week, but first I have to say what a giant DORK I am! Last week, on HoT Tuesday, DS and I were discussing the whole “flat addam” thing, I posted it for him, and had all intentions of putting in my HoT when I was done. Time ran out, we started dashing about for the morning routine, and I forgot! I’m such an idiot! Ah well….I guess we all make mistakes. duhhhhhh. hee hee.

Anyway…this week the theme is “Surprise” and boy did I get one!

Easter Sunday DS went with his dad for the weekend, DD was off with a friend’s family, so I took the day and went to Philly to shoot some photo’s for a cafe that my friend is opening in Jenkintown. I knew the type of shots I wanted for her place, just needed the time to get them done, and since everyone was busy Sunday, I did.

Wander wander wander Philly, I was feeling very statuary…so most of the shots are of that. And by wander I mean from the Art museum (actually, Boathouse row) to Independence Mall. It was quite a wander! On the way back, I was passing City hall. I have seen this one particular lone statue many times, and never really paid attention to it. Since my focus was on statues, I decided to take a look, and a shot. Imagine my SURPRISE when it was a Statue of Matthias W. BALDWIN! (Yes, like Baldwin’s Girl Baldwin!) I was so thrilled! It was fate, I tell you, FATE!!! Such a great surprise to realize that the statue I had passed dozens of times was for a man who created something that I love and revere so. For your viewing pleasure (it’s not the best, as the sun had sunk loooow by that time!) Mr. M. W. Baldwin:



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5 responses to “Heads or Tails – Surprise!

  1. What a neat surprise to see something new in something you have seen many times! 🙂

  2. Hey, the best kind of surprise, the synchronicity!

  3. Awesome!!!!! Is he related? 🙂

  4. What a fun surprise indeed!

  5. That is so NEAT! What a cool surprise!

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