I’m back?!?

Well, I’m up and around, how about that? Back….we’ll see.

I HATE being sick. Now, I realize that it’s been over 3 years since the LAST time I even felt “unwell” and I really can’t complain, but….dang it…I will anyway. It sucked. BUT I got these really pretty (read gross and disgusting, good for keeping the kids in line) white spots on my throat as a reward…how can you top that? lol!

By friday I felt well enough to drag myself up and make some tea tree cough drops (yes, I make my own), which went a long way in annihlating the nifty spots. Of course, had I felt better I could have made them monday or tuesday and I wouldn’t have ended up feeling like crap all week. ah well.

So other than cooking and getting DS up and off for school, and some limited homework help, I did a lot of nothing last week. At least physical nothing. Which, by saturday, was clearly visible in my house and my general state of mind.  I’m not a “do nothing” person…it doesn’t work for me. Spent the next 2 days cleaning up and grousing about how I have to do EVERYTHING and being not very pleasant I assume. It’s my right….cuz I’m sick (see, that CAN work to your advantage!)

Saturday, during the clean fest, I found….gulp, scream, gasp, ugh, gross! poops under my kitchen sink. That sonic boom you heard? That was me screaming “I HAVE POOPS…I HAVE POOPS” which of course prompted DS to run haphazardly into the kitchen announcing “we have mice? cool!” jerk. So sunday found me taking a brief foray to the store for traps for the little disease carriers. Of course, I cried the entire time I was setting them out….SURE that they were amassing an army and would attack me as soon as my hand reached into their home or when I’m asleep at night. I am NOT happy.

AND I spent an inordinate amount of time on the couch reading any and all old magazines I could get my hands on, and went out saturday and treated myself to a new one. I am such a glutton for punishment. I have a severe craving for the new Nikon D3, it’s a sickness really…and the mag had wonderful ratings on it, so of course, I was looking all hang dog about how great it was and I CAN’T HAVE IT! (sorry folks, $5000 is a bit out of my range right now!) So anyway….after laying on my butt for a week….sunday afternoon….feeling like a trapped rat (no pun intended)….. I’m rereading the mag for about the 100th time, needing to do something creative like the cool magazine people were getting to do. Follow along, as it’s amusing. I get up, go get my camera bag, pull out camera and lay back down.
Him: What are you doing? (staring at me as I lay on my back with camera in hand pointed at the ceiling, staring off into the ethers)
Me: I’m thinking
Him: Um…..ok??? About?
Me: (shooting the “don’t bother me I’m thinking” look) about pixels.
Him: Um….ok. Why?
Me: *going into a long explanation about pixel size on a photo, how I am going to reset the settings (I got good english skills!)on my camera, tweak some things and  shooting in RGB Tiff instead of jpg and can’t shoot in raw because my computer doesn’t have the software to read raw…etc etc.
Him: Oh. I see. Well, ok then.

advance 20 minutes. DD staring thru crack in bathroom door at me as I sit on the floor in the dark.
Her: mom?
Me: yeeessssssssssssss……………
Her: um….what are you doing? why are you in the dark? (as though perhaps I did NOT have strep, but some mental disease that has rendered me incapable of normal thought)
Me: *annoyed by her tone…I’m DOING something.
Her: uh…..ok. then to DS, “don’t bother mom, she’s on the bathroom floor in the dark.
DS: *through the door…Mom? Hey Mom? what are you doing in the dark.
ME: I’M DOING SOMETHING WHATDOYOUWANT? yes, it was all one word.
DS: uh…ok. (my family turned into cavemen last week while I was sick apparently…uh…uh…uh…)
Needless to say, when they finally left me alone, I had a bit of fun, first time in a week, and the results are:
heart.jpg  star.jpg

chokurei.jpg   initials.jpg

Nifty little creations with my mini maglight, recolored in photoshop. Technical stuff…camera at iso 200,  f/18, shutter speed 15 seconds. Of course DD was MORE excited about my bathroom darkness when she saw it included HER initials!  🙂   I was inspired…what can I say?


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  1. I want that cough drop recipe….pleeeaaassseee!!!

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