The weekend

Three posts in one morning?  What has gotten into me???  lol!  I just want to go back to bed and hide and eat soup and drink juice  because I feel like crud…unfortunately it’s almost time to get DS up for school… I can’t.  ugh.   So, I thought I would share with my friends my crappy “I totally went defcon 4” weekend.  Warning.  This is NOT a pg-13 post.  There is no way I can keep it there…SO…be forewarned.

Let me start by saying that I am totally a momma bear.  Mess with me all you want to, but do NOT screw with my children.  I will bite off your head and shit down your neck.  My kids are my world, and I will fight to the death for them.  When I was fired from my job, one of the things that pissed me off the most was that DD had worked with me all weekend, and the bitch owner was sicky sweet nice to her, knowing that she was about to fire me and screw my kids out of my income.  grrrrrrrr.  The other thing that you should know about me, and anyone close to me DOES know this is…I do NOT say anything bad about anyone.  It’s just not my nature.  I have thumper theory…if you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin at all. ANYWAY, I digress.

My ex husband (close enough) is a complete dick.  Hear that M?  I SAID YOU ARE A COMPLETE DICK.  This man, I swear, could fuck up a one car funeral.  THIS is just one example of WHY we are not together anymore you bag of shit.  I am not being mean, I am being honest.  I do not like you.  Not even a little bit.  Moving back to VA was the best thing you ever did, and as far as I am concerned, it’s not far enough away.  I hear East jabroo has openings.  see ya.

LAST SUNDAY he called DS and said he would pick him up this weekend, since it was a 4 day weekend for the boy.  I knew THEN that it wouldn’t happen….especially since DICKHEAD was DRUNK DIALING ME (oh yes he was!)  He said on the phone that I was being hostile to him.  Hostile?  me?   let’s see.  He calls me (and DD, calling her the wrong name during the conversation!) on a sunday night drunk at 6pm (who is that drunk at 6:00 on a sunday????????)  to tell me AND OUR SON whom he has not seen since NEW YEARS that he will be picking him up the following weekend (a promise he has made 3 times since the new year with no result),  and I KNEW THEN that the teeming fuck  would screw it up, as he does everything else. I said to him then, if I seem hostile it’s because you JUST TOLD HIM that you, no matter what, would pick him up. We both know that things happen, and you should NOT do that.  Wait until friday when you are sure.  He got all belligerent with me…puffing up and saying “I’ll be there.  If I have to take a cab I’ll be there”.  Fucker.  ALL WEEK your Son asked me what time you would be here on friday, and as usual, I had to say “we’ll have to see buddy”.  10 times every friggin day you asswipe.  ALL DAY FRIDAY SINCE HE WAS OUT OF SCHOOL, AS YOU WELL KNEW, he asked when you would be arriving.  Please call him mom, please.  EVERY 10 MINUTES YOU OOZING PUSBAG.  So when I finally let him call to see where he was, the jerk tells him he’ll  see him in the morning.  And then gets on the phone to me and says he’ll call me back later….”are you going out?”  Going out?  HOW THE HELL do you think I’m “going out?” When do I EVER get to “go out”.  I have no money for “out”.  I have CHILDREN TO SUPPORT YOU SHIT.  grrrrrrrr.  THEN, to his credit (HA!) HE did manage to call at 7am saturday morning to tell me that he hadn’t gotten his REPOSSESSED truck back yet, and was trying to work a miracle. He would call me back.  WHICH HE DID NOT.  He did NOT CALL HIS SON to tell him he would not be coming to get him, he did not explain himself to a very sad 11 year old boy who had just had his heart broken again, and as usual, I was the jerk who had to tell my son that “something came up and daddy can’t come get you”, LYING THROUGH MY TEETH to protect him from the truth of what a fuckup his dickhead father is, and he spent the afternoon crying about it.  YOU MADE MY SON CRY YOU PIECE OF SHIT.  How dare you?  How much of an inhuman asshole can you possibly be to crush a little boy like that?  How can you EVEN call yourself a father?  Sperm donor, maybe.  Father, no.  Fathers care about their children, take time for them, sacrifice for them.  You. just. suck.

It’s his loss.  My boy is  a great kid, smart, funny, sensitive, and he’s missing out on it.  4 days of his life he wanted desperately to devote to his father, who ignored it.  Hope it was worth it. As a side note, WE had a great time.  We had a nintendo fest, replaced the headlight in my car, watched the race, played games, went on a candy bar hunt..There’s a new Dale Earnhardt Hershey bar we want desperately, and lay around in our pj’s.  No laundry, no grocery store…just us.  LIKE IT SHOULD BE.
Although I’m trying not to be, I guess I’m  still really mad about it….(lol, ya think???).  That’s probably an understatement.  I’m sure I’ll get over it…maybe not as soon as I’d like…certainly not as soon as my son will.  Poor little guy.

I’m off to shower and try to clear my head.  ugh.



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6 responses to “The weekend

  1. skittles0366

    He’s not a dad.. he’s a sperm donor. Next time tell him to save his breath. He’ll need it to blow up his date.

  2. I’m sorry that you are going through so much crap with the boy’s sperm doner…

    Been there done that. I am married to a guy now who really is dad to my kids, and treats them far better then there natural father ever did…

    It will get better….

  3. Wow! He sounds like quite the piece of work! Seriously, some people need a swift hard kick in the rear and it still wouldn’t be enough. Sorry your son has to go through that. 😦

  4. Sounds like a real JERK! I’m sorry you have to put up with him and I am sorry that your little boy is getting hurt by him. Take care! p.s. Thanks for the awards, I really need them to cheer me up!

  5. I have an award for you. :o)

  6. sharifisher

    Just know that someday daddy will want to play and that bright beautiful little boy will have finally realized what a giant turd dad is, too bad for dad…..NOT!

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