Awesome awards

Siani was toooo kind to me today in passing on some AMAZING awards. And baby, I need em today. Crappy weekend…there was a MAJOR bout of Suzy Tourette on Saturday….now, I do NOT have tourette syndrome, nor am I making fun of the poor folks who do. My dear friend Shari, knowing me as well as she does, knows that I do NOT DO mad well. It’s a southern thing I think. And when the rare opportunity of my having to express myself when reaching that stage of mad arises, I have a tendency to…um….well, sound like a sailor. Not terribly ladylike, I admit, but it seems to help relieve the pressure when I reach defcon 4 (which truly is rare.) …I’ll go into it more later… AND DS was soooooooo kind in passing on his icky cold…which I never get…and now I feel like I’ve been hit with a truck full of mud. ugh. ANYWAY…..these wonderful awards have brightened my day, weekend and week considerably!


I’m passing these on to my favorite ladies, whom, even when I feel like crap (like today) I make sure I visit them…just to feel a little better. πŸ™‚ If you’ve already received them…consider it a vote of confidence from another loyal reader!

State of Confusion

I know there are more….I just cannot think…my head is full of cotton.



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