Stuff stuff and stuff

I’m here….I swear I’m still here! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. DS caught the yukky cold that has been going around school…very unusual for us! and was home 2 days last week, which meant mommy had NO mommy time. ah well. He’s all better now and very excited that it was going to snow here today. It is/did/was…but seems to have stopped for a bit. Oh well. 😦

I received a very fun and cute award from Natalie this week…DD LOVES frogs so she’s really enjoying this one! (hey, she’s finally paying attention to something I do! lol!!!!


AND I have a giftie for everyone too! I’ve been spending a HUGE amount of time the last couple of weeks creating photo cards for my clients, organizing my photoshop and writing actions for stuff I do all the time. The theory is (ha!) that I will be quicker in my photoshop work with all this great organization. Not a chance. I’m a photoshop junkie! ANYWAY…below are the three files…a bunny tag, an easter card and a valentine. Created in Photoshop 7, if you need that info. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂 They’ll also be up at the Hearts In Focus Blog….and maybe a few others! 🙂

Bunny Tag

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