The Hair

Well, here ya go!  Yes, it is PURPLE AND CHOCOLATE.  Very cool, altho it made the blonde darker, but hey, that can be corrected, no?  lol!  I’m in love with it…hope you enjoy!  (thanks to shari for these awesome photos of yours truly!)




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4 responses to “The Hair

  1. I think it’s really cool! Glad you’re loving it. Thanks for giving me the advice in a comment too.

  2. That is so COOL!!!!! My daughter wants it done to her hair now. She said if your friend can do then why can’t I. hehe. Kids eh!

  3. sharifisher

    It’s “bangin”! And what awesome pics!

  4. You look great! When I was about 22 I put blue streaks in my hair…wish I had pictures.

    BTW…I’ve spread a little love this way and have given you an award. Come check it out.

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