A Learning Experience

Sunday’s around here are “preparation day”.  It’s the one day in the week that we (read I) do all that needs done to insure a smoooooooth running week for my little clan.  With DD still on her cruise, DS and I were workin it out together yesterday.  First, it was the laundry.  Which, since the dryer is still not drying, everything is washed here, packed into the laundry baskets and driven to the laundromat and run through their dryers.  No biggie…about a half hour to do the whole drying part…but DS usually stays home.  Yesterday I took him with.  He was bored.  “Play your DS, that’s why I told you to bring it”.  I did, now I’m done.  Well, we just gotta wait it out bud.  Then it’s a trip to the grocery store.  Here’s the learning experience, (and a freaking hilarious moment, I might add.)

We decided to try a new store this week.  I’ve been there once, liked their prices, but it’s a lot farther to go.  Deciding that this week we NEED all the discount we can get, we decided to head down there.  Before we left, I explained to DS that we ABSOLUTELY had to stick to the list.  No deviation.  He asked why, and I said that we were a little short on cash right now, so it was important to stay within our budget. I told him that he was the MAJOR deviator in our house, and I needed him not to do that this time.  Ok says he.  AND I’ll be in charge of the list, he announced taking a pen from my purse.  I’ll make sure we do good. So, seeing another moment to teach a lesson, I say “how many items are on our list?”  23 he says.  Ok, we want to average $2.00 per item, so how much money can we spend?  $46.00. Okey dokey. Here we go.   We took a friend along, which was entertaining for DS.   As we’re driving, DS begins to explain to our friend (an adult, I might add) that we are going to this store because “we’re a little short on cash right now, and there is NO DEVIATION FROM THE LIST”.  It’s important.  We have a budget.  I’m very proud of him. 

We arrive at the store, him with list and pen in hand, and head in.  Immediately I see a drawback.  5 lbs of potatos on sale for .89  Of COURSE I have to get them.  DS says “they aren’t on the list mom.” That’s ok buddy, I can really use these.  Don’t worry.  it’s ok.  Shop shop…blah blah.  Cereal aisle.  Now, I’m a bagged cereal mom.  I don’t like sugary cereals, try not to buy them, and HATE the ones in boxes because they are BUTT expensive.  I tell DS to choose his cereal.  He asks if he can try something different this time.  I remind him of the $2.00 rule.  Cheerios were on sale, and he selected those.  Good choice I think.  THEN friend sees that the Red sox are on the wheaties box.  A conversation ensues between the 2 of them, and they decide that I should have these.  No, I say, thanks.  It’s not on the list.  DS decides that since I added potatos (and shortening, and power bars for his school snack as well at this point) he was adding Wheaties.  Moving on.  We get to the checkout and I’m trying to get him to guess how we did.  He says he thinks we stayed under $50 like I wanted.  I say I think we went over.  WHICH ladies and gentlemen, is the moment he turns to me and with a voice that escalated with each word said, “Well mom, if we went over it’s your fault because YOU ARE A MAJOR DEVIANT”.  Oh yes.  Yes he did.  Every single shopper within 20 yards turned to see what kind of deviant was at the checkout harming this innocent child.  The checker, all of 16, just looked at me having no idea what had just happened, but realizing that EVERYONE ELSE WAS LOOKING AT ME she should too.  DS feeling proud for putting me in my place, simply said to my shocked expression “well, you are.  You deviated from the list”.  Ugh. 

Needless to say, it turned into a learning experience for BOTH of us.  His for trying to keep a budget (and discovering that 2 boxes of cereal comprised nearly 1/6 of our grocery budget) and me for using words that can be transformed into embarassing moments.  Alas.  I will say this, the items I added to the list took us to a total of $61.00  Had we STUCK to the list, we would have made the $46 for a weeks worth of groceries list.  Not too shabby! (and I woke up with Josh Beckett in my kitchen this morning!  mmmmmm)

63 days to opening day!


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