Happy happy

Ya know, some days it just all comes together….and that’s a good thing.  Unless, like me, you wait for the other shoe to drop and play devils advocate and all that crap.  BUT, with the morning not looking like it was gonna be a good one….in one fell swoop, it all turned around.  What, you say, is so wonderful?  I finally got my blog to show up on my website, and even added photo’s from the pre-Christmas photo session with DD’s ex. 

Remember back before the holidays muddled our brains and left us oozing puddles on the floor (oh wait, maybe that was just me…..) and I mentioned a photo shoot that was going to be a surprise..blah blah blah?  Well, the shoot, as I mentioned, was for my daughter.  Her no-longer-boyfriend-now-good-friend HATES to have his picture taken.  Or so he says.  So, for Christmas, I asked him if he would let me photograph him as a gift to her.  He complied, rather willingly I might add, and it was a really great time.  Chris is a very…rough? dark? what’s the word I want.  He just is.  Nothing fancy, just a plain, regular kind of kid.  My idea was to show that side of him….sort of rough around the edges, moody, etc.  Daughter loved the photos, was shocked, all her friends were SHOCKED that I got him to sit for me (amusing side note.  Chris shows up at the house, DS is under STRICT “you did not see this it’s a surprise” orders, and we go to the back room where I have everything set up.  Backdrop, lights, diffuser, tripod, etc.  Chris looks around and says “wow, you’re like a real photographer and shit”.  uh…duh??? It was funny tho since he just sees me as “the mom” I guess)

Anyway, they’re up here for your entertainment.  I’m happy, he’s happy, DD is happy, so it’s an all around winning situation. woohoo.

And the blog thing…well, it works now, and that’s all that matters.  I learned to write html many years ago, and I enjoy it.  It makes sense to me….if you open something, close it.  Very regimented and lovely.  My new website is on OLB, and a lot of stuff is restricted to their way of doing it.  That’s ok…I can find ways around it.  It just took me a little longer on the blog…I was not thinking in the right direction.  Once I did…poof, it worked, and I’m happy happy happy.  Hey, it’s the little things in life, isn’t it? 

I’ll add a fun photo for visual interest today.  DS got a football for Christmas from Santa.  He decided we should go out and “toss around the pigskin” as he said on Saturday afternoon. (ok…I’m adding this in, since I know he’ll never read it, but it was a real mom moment.  I’m sitting on the couch reading, DS walks in with his football.  He looks at me and says “hey mom, I really love this football I got for Christmas, it’s just what I wanted. (surprise to me!)  We chat about that for a minute and he give me this very, sly sort of grown up look and says, so, uh… maybe tomorrow we can go out and toss around the old pinkskin. 🙂  I look at him and trying desperately not to laugh I say, um…what?  He says Yeah, the old pinkskin…that’s what some professional football people call a football…because it’s pink (gotta love his logic).  Still attempting not to laugh or pee my pants, I say…well, uh…bud…actually..ahem…they call it a “pigskin”….see, it’s…uh….made from pigskin.  Get it?  Ohhhhhhhhh….pigskin…….right….sure……toss around the ooollllld pigskin.  yep.  Well, can we mom?)  It was a lot of fun, even though the field was covered in (a) geese and (2) poop we still had a lot of laughs.  He’s never been a big “ball player” so I was surprised at his enthusiasm over going out to play.  We tossed it around for about an hour, he did really well learning to throw like his mom (who can throw!) and even caught quite a few.  I was very proud of him for trying something new.  Had to take this one of him attempting a 20 yard field goal.  Crack me up! (nevermind that the ball went like 10 feet, he was thrilled!)  All in all, a nice relaxing weekend….and now it’s monday.  🙂

(In a very tiny voice she says on a side note, I have a job interview today.  wish me luck. shhhh)



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2 responses to “Happy happy

  1. Good luck!!!! I’m sending good vibes your way!

  2. Oh, I’m too late! Retrospective good luck!!!

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