Photohunt – Delicious

I’m a day late, but…well, no excuse.  🙂 

Here’s Delicious for ya….My DS’s Gingerbread (well, technically graham cracker) house he made me at school for Christmas!

Although I’m not sure if it was actually delicious or not, since I wouldn’t let him eat it. I thought it was spectacular, and had it on display all through the holidays. Another, showing the roof, where he built santa’s sleigh and all the (gummy bear) reindeer!

Great thanks go to DD and her friend who went to school as “parents” to play along. Thanks guys, it was the best gift ever.


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4 responses to “Photohunt – Delicious

  1. wow… that looks delicious indeed 🙂

  2. Ooh yummy! I’d have been tempted to steal a little piece off it, in your situation, LOL. Hope 2008 is treating you well. Have a lovely Sunday.

  3. Looks yummy! I’d would have stolen the chocolate windows off and ate them. LOL

  4. That looks really cute!

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