Why is it that I have this innate need to completely re-do my life each January. (note to self, that was a rhetorical question!)  It never fails.  December comes along, it’s rush rush rush, settle, then the week between Christmas and New Years is a nice, relatively easy time.  Then, BOOM, it’s 2 days before New Years, and the whole world becomes a “NOW NOW NOW” sort of situation.  The tree has to come down (it’s part of my “make sure your life is JUST the way you want it to be for the next year BEFORE it starts” mentality) and I vacuum like martha stewart is coming to dinner.  THEN it’s the dusting, which causes another wave of vacuuming.  Even the dogs get vacuumed (which Jake loves, and Bodhi abhors).  Then the scrubbing of anything that will hold still long enough to be scrubbed.  It’s much like the bizarre need I have to prepare black-eyed peas and collard greens for New Years day, EVEN THOUGH my family refuses to eat them.  DS was threatened (oh yes, threatened is the word) and got the “look in my eyes.  are you looking?  see me?  listen carefully.  I will NOT ask you to eat the greens, because I know you will have a shit attack if I do, but you will eat ONE bean, call it a late christmas present to your mommy.  Get it?!?”  He did.  And I was happy.  The fried cabbage got a “my mother needs a whole team of psychiatrists” face and we won’t EVEN talk about the greens, but the bean was consumed, insuring that our family will be prosperous for the coming year.  LOL!!!!!  Needless to say, THAT’s where I’ve been for the last few days!  Is it perfect?  no.  will it ever be?  uh…no.  Perfectionist that I am, there is always something that I deem as less than perfect.  Yesterday was a 9 hour cleaning marathon, and when I finally sat down last night after dinner, the only thought I had was “why didn’t I put my camera backpack under the hallway table where it lives instead of leaving it by the door???”  Ugh. 

So….anyway…..I’ve been working (in my not so spare time!) on a special project, heretofore unseen, which will be unveiled in the next day or so (are you excited now?!?!?!?) so stay tuned guys and gals….this is a biggie!  lol.  This has taken up all of my time that isn’t devoted to cleaning something.  This is all by way of explanation on why I have been MIA for the last couple weeks…is it working?!?  Hopefully it will cause you to stop and say “see, she didn’t abandon me, she’s just sooooo busy, I knew she would be back”.  Is that what  you are saying?  It is, isn’t it.  whew.  good.  It worked.  lol!

And now, on to the review.  As you diligent (rofl) readers know, 2007 was NOT the best year I’ve ever had….but it had it’s moments.  With my new “things will be great in 2008” mentality, I present to you…drumroll please….2007 in review!

January:  Snow brought a delayed opening in work, so of course, I took the opportunity to take some photo’s!  This little guy was standing just off the road….probably wondering where the grass went!  I love that I caught the “no hunting” sign in the foreground. 

February: Another bout of snow, and you know where I was!  Cuttalossa farm is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  They have English Babydoll sheep there…which are too cute for words, so I visit as often as I can.  In the snow, it’s like a dream land.

March: Although I was not around to work on the 614, I did work with guys who were, and was invited to the reunion. The party was held at Newfoundland station, which is where “The Station Agent” was filmed.  It was so cool to see the building, the cars, etc. where the movie was filmed.  It’s a good movie….you should watch it.  My recommendation.  🙂

April: Stamp show in Allentown, and a wonderful time spent with a great friend! (If I had known then that I would be fired in 2 weeks, would I still have gone? You’re darn tootin I would!)  All in all, about $100 spent for the day, and I came away with some of the most AMAZING stuff, including a “ralphie in his bunny suit” stamp!  woohoo!  Of course, there was celebratory wine at the end of the day!

May: You knew there would be one of my train…right? lol! I love this shot with the flowers in the front…apparently that is my “style” lol!

June: My DS sat still long enough to have his photo taken. The first time I was told that my photo’s looked professional, and had to show proof that I took them in order to purchase them!

July: Dear friend Shari works at an antique carousel in the summer, and this is one of my FAVE shots taken while visiting her. 🙂  Unfortunately, she’s not so fond of it, says it’s scary. 

August: My darling Jake. Now, if you are not a bull terrier owner, you probably don’t “get it” but I think he is the most beautiful animal ever. He’s my little angel! (ok…not so little as he is also overindulged!) Tell me he’s not THE most handsome thing you have ever seen!  DD and her friend are standing just off camera tempting him with a cookie…had to be since Jake does NOT like having his photo taken.  🙂  My neighbor came over during the shoot…thought I was taking photos to sell him.  I told him he was crazy!  He said I was just going to throw my checkbook at you and say whatever he costs, I’ll take him! 

September: Trying to ward off a major depression due to lack of employment….blah blah blah…I love this shot. It’s such a peaceful place, in the midst of all my madness.  And I think one of my favorite shots all year.

October: Halloween time! DS wanted to be mario, and as usual…mommy obliged. I just love this costume and so did he. “You’re the BEST mom!” Hey, what more can you ask for?  As we tooled the neighborhood trick or treating, there were all these moms coming up to me saying “I saw him at school today, what a great costume!”  Go me!  lol.

November: Weekend at steamtown was absolutely priceless! Hey, My friend Joe Fusco took the cover photo for Railfan Magazine that weekend. On newsstands now, pick it up!

December: My little happy family. What more can you ask for?  This is what I do it all for.  🙂



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