A gracious award

I received this lovely award from Hootin Anni, she created it herself.  I am so grateful for my bloggin friends, you really make the days a lot easier!


I’m sharing this award with blogs/bloggers/friends that I truly think are a treasure to me. 

Mom Knows Everything
State of Confusion
Siani’s Potpourri
Skittles Place
And Miles to go…



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4 responses to “A gracious award

  1. Thank you so much! Your friendship means a lot to me. Your the BEST!!!!

  2. Hey guess what!!! I have an award for you too!

  3. Many thanks – you’re very kind. Sorry, I thought I had already thanked you – but it seems my fuddled head got that one wrong. It’s been a busy day! Once again, many thanks, and have a fabulous day.

  4. Hi! Just checking in with you. Everybody is so busy getting ready for Christmas. I can’t believe how close it is. Where did the time go???? Hope you are having a great week before Christmas!

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