Tag, You’re it!

Tammy over at mom knows everything tagged me with a simple meme, and it looks really fun (and easy!). 

The rule:
When you get tagged, you name the person who tagged you then tag 5 others. Copy the entire list into your post, and let’s see how big this can get!

Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts
When Silence Speaks
Dancing in Midlife Tune
Underneath it All
I am Dzoi
Hobbies and Such
moms…..check nyo
Choc Mint Girl
Amel’s Realm
My Thoughts
Rusin Roundup – Mel
Comedy Plus
Mama Pajama
Beth & Cory’s Mom
A Bit of Me
Cherished Moments with my 2 Angels
My Dogs Keep Me Sane
Skittles’ Place
Rantings of a Woman
Mom Knows Everything
Baldwin’s Girl

I’m taggin:

State of Confusion
And Miles to go…..
Ramblings of Maggie



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2 responses to “Tag, You’re it!

  1. Hi! Are you all ready for Christmas? I’m not, but I’m getting there slowly but surely. Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. I’m sorry, I forgot you just did a tag from me, but I have another one for you. :o)

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