Heads or tails Tuesday

This weeks theme is “heads – in the sky, tails – under the sea”.  I immediately thought of THIS….and NOW can’t get it out of my head!  lol!!!

Under the sea

Under the sea….

Darling it’s better

Down Where it’s wetter

Take it from me……..



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9 responses to “Heads or tails Tuesday

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww, now I’ll be singing the song all day. It’s a good song tho.

    I chose “Up in the Sky” this week….

  2. That’s my favorite song from The Little Mermaid!!

  3. Great take on the topic! But, now you’ve got that song in my head too LOL

  4. We can all blame you for that song getting stuck in our heads! I love that movie. 🙂

  5. Aurora used to love that movie when she was little. Aidan doesn’t like it, but he’s all boy.

  6. Whoa…you did the same as me…same picture and all! Great minds think alike!

  7. hehehe It’s still one of my favorite Disney movies. Now “Under The Sea” is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot. 😛 *toddles off, humming*

  8. Vic Grace

    One of my favourite movies it even made me cry, in a cartoon no less, I still haven’t live it down with my kids.

    Cariboo Ponderer

  9. lovebunny

    I love that movie and now I will be singing that song all day! Thats ok its a good song.

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