Happy Monday!

to me….happy..monday to meeeeee!  🙂  And a happy monday it is so far…even tho it’s only 4am…but hey…cuz I awoke to this awesome award from Tammy at Mom knows Everything!


I’m so honored!  I’m true blue.  🙂  Tammy’s such a great bloggin buddy…and for sure I’ll always stand by her.  I’m passing it on to ladies who have become bloggin buddies that I think are true blue too (whew….say THAT 5 times fast!)

Natalie at State of Confusion

Siani at Siani’s Potpourri
Bridget at And miles to Go

and and AND!!!!!!!

I got this AWESOME e-card from ms. Tammy as well, and had to share.


Isn’t it lovely?  It makes me grin like a fool each time I see it!  Thanks tam, for remembering my special day.  I had my birthday weekend, which included trains, alcohol and THIS was what I woke up to yesterday (guess God wanted me to have a good birthday too!)

Yep….snow!  And just the kind I like…enough to look nice, then GONE.  It started icing later in the afternoon, but by then I was tucked in at home being warm.  While at the train, ran into m buddy Todd, who called me a foamer! (he reads this daily and will be appalled that his photo is here! lol!)

AND the first attempt at the family photo. Kids look great…mom not so much. DD had to go to work, and we were rushing….will try again tomorrow evening. Still and all, not a bad lookin bunch, eh?

I’m off to get some stuff done before I have to start the day. Happy Monday everybody!



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5 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. A belated happy birthday for yesterday – sounds like you had a lovely weekend. The family portrait is beautiful. And last, but certainly not least – thank you so much for my lovely award! I’m just off to post it.

  2. me

    happy birthday, Sass!

  3. Well, thank you very much! 🙂 I’ll post it soon and pass it along. 🙂 Have a good day! And happy birthday!

  4. elephantlady777

    Happy Birthday! I read at tammy’s it was your birthday today. Hope you have a great one!

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Suzy, Happy Birthday to YOU! Okay that was me singing Happy Birthday to you. I have a wonderful singing voice don’t I! LOL!!!

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