It’s Santa!


Yep, that’s me n’ Santa! Taken yesterday on my little gizmo (pocket pc). Not a great shot, but it’s me the big guy together at work. Hey, it was a slow time! Isn’t he cute? He’s so much fun, and really great with the kids. Makes the day a lot better.

DD’s B-day was fun…she loved her gift cert from Sephora, and went happily off with her friends to have dinner.

AND I am happy to announce that we have SET A TIME for the family photo!  DD provided lots of rolling eyes at the idea, but hey, she owes it to me I think.  🙂  Sunday morning we’ll be looking bright and not too shiny to have our photo taken by yours truly (don’t you just LOVE those remote trigger thingies?!?)  Promise to share once it’s done.  Other than that….nothing new in my corner of the world…not that I can think of at least, so I’ll be brief.  🙂


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  1. I love it!!!! Did you give him your wish list? I want one of everything in case he asks.

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