Receiving, and giving back

I received this awesome award from my Bloggin Buddy Tammy today, and I am just so tickled!  Yep, we are good bloggin buddies, and that’s what makes the world go round!  Thanks Tammy, you are so sweet to me!
I’m gonna share this with a few ladies that are more than just visitors…they’re bloggin buddies!
Bridget at And Miles to Go
Terri at Mrs. Squidley’s Place
Hootin’ Anni at Hootin Anni’s

AND …..drumroll please……….as the confetti falls from the ceiling (just one more thing to clean up)

I have created, and am distributing a MAJOR AWARD! 


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, that IS my leg lamp. lol! My favorite major award, which constantly makes me smile. In the spirit of the season, this award goes to bloggers who I think have the mind power, and lots of glue, to keep us all running! My initial recipients are folks who ALWAYS make me smile, and are NOT fra-gee-lay!

Tammy at Mom Knows Everything
Bridget at And Miles to Go
Barb at Skittles Place
Terri at Mrs. Squidley’s Place
Siani at Siani’s Pot-Pourri
Hootin’ Anni at Hootin Anni’s

Please take this MAJOR award, go forth, and share it with bloggers with “mind power!”



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11 responses to “Receiving, and giving back

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!! Just going to upload it to my blog :).

  2. I was a recipient of this award via Siani today! I’m so honored to get it, especially knowing you created it! 😀

  3. Excellent major award, maybe someone will pass it my way….I totally get the theme behind it, Christmas Story!

  4. I love it! Thank you! 🙂

  5. That is so cool!!! Thank you so much!!!! I remember that movie and I have always wanted a lamp like that, now I have one. Thanks again, you ROCK!

  6. Your major award is awesome! So creative…hehehe! 🙂

  7. thank you so much!! I am so honored. I have always loved the leg lamp since A Christmas Story! Thanks so much, I will wear it with pride.

  8. Thanks 🙂 I will cherish it!!!!!

  9. I too have something special for you on my Sunday Blog…drop by and pick it up dear lady!! Or should I say ‘girl’.

  10. Hee hee! I just found you through a whole bunch of tracking back once I saw The Major Award on someone’s blog! LOL I had to find the genius originator to let them know that great minds think alike because I created the same (well, very similar) award last April! :^D

    Nice to meet ya!

  11. Pingback: Love that yahoo, fascinating material. Thanks a bunch.

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