Heads or Tails – Mark

Mark 8:36  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

This Weeks theme for Heads or Tails is “Mark”.  This is one of my favorite passages from the Gospel of Mark, so I thought I would go this direction.  A bit on the philosophical side perhaps today.

I have found that in life, there are certain types of people who are willing to give up everything for some sort of financial gain, advancement, or recognition.  I certainly applaud these folks for their aplomb and drive, however, that’s just not me.  And I wonder to what cost are they willing to pay?

For one reason or another, I have been in situations where it seemed that I was  forced to “sell my soul” to survive, get by, or simply exist.  Bowing down and dropping all my convictions in order to meet someone elses, so that I may gain whatever the proffered prize may be…money, time with my kids, a job, etc.  It’s such a horrid feeling, for me at least.  And although we cannot physically sell our souls, the simple action we participate in, leaves a kind of emptiness inside….as though we have actually given away part of our true being.  In a sense, I suppose we have….by denouncing all that we believe in, we have sold off some part of ourselves…allowed it to be removed from us.  Was it worth it?  Only the one in the situation, the one living with the end result, can answer that. 

I know that the times I have had my hand forced, and been placed in these situations, I wondered….is it really worth living with this decision for the rest of my life?  Am I supposed to fight this instead of surrender?  To what avail….is usually my final decision maker.  I ask myself that….and await an answer.  Sometimes the answer easy, and obvious, other times, not so much.

I think as parents, as moms in general, we are called upon to do things to protect and defend our children, our families in ways that are difficult, sometimes frightening.  Whether taking a new job, a lesser job, staying home, giving up things for ourselves, whatever the particular case may be.  We are the ones who have to bend, if not break, to fit the family mold, protect and serve, defend.  If it were only me, I would be more apt to say “F off” and move on, but for the kids, I would not only sell my soul, but gift wrap it in gold paper and hand deliver it.  And at times, have been forced to do so.  Those incidents, those moments, when reviewed, even though difficult to stomach, I know that the decision was right…for my children are now safe, happy, smart, and protected.  Can I live with myself for making those decisions, yes.  Did I gain the whole world by protecting them?  Yes.  Did I profit?  Yes.  Do I regret it?  Not at all. 



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17 responses to “Heads or Tails – Mark

  1. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for the awards. I will grab them on my way out after I leave a comment here. [and I see the meme below, gotta go read that too!] You’re a sweet lady to think of me while giving the awards. I really, really appreciate it. [I’ll get them up on my blog tomorrow for sure!] Thanks again.

    And reading your “Mark” for HoT meme today….all I can say is WoW!!!! That is so profound. I love it. Gave me chills reading it, and so often I was nodding in agreement. [I’m gonna link your HoT entry to mine today…if that’s okay! I love every word you type!!]

  2. Thanks for sharing this insightful and very well thought of entry.

  3. Wow! I absolutely LOVE your take on the theme this week. Great work!

  4. vixensden

    I am very touched by your writing today. Great job. This line….”sell my soul, but gift wrap it in gold paper…” Me too. Me too.

  5. Powerful take on the theme for HoT this week, very true also.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Such a thought-provoking and heartfelt post. I am almost speechless. I just want to reach through my computer and give you a big hug for the choices you’ve made.

  7. Very nice approach to “Mark”. Cheers to great children and no regrets!

  8. Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends – or in this case, greater love has no mom than this, that she lay down her life for her kids.

    Yes, I know – that’s in John and not Mark

    Great post.

  9. Hello, Nice post. I came by way of Hottin’ Anni

  10. Excellent entry! 🙂 I too would do anything for my children.

  11. I’m so pleased to see someone else using scripture to fuel there ‘Mark’ topic! I hear what you are saying about selling out. Thank God for his good grace to cover all our transgressions. We cannot bargain with something we don’t own…we are only stewards of our bodies. But our souls…the bible says we will be judged to the intent of our hearts. Darn sin-nature! LOL

  12. This is a very beautiful and insightful post. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  13. what an extremely well thought out post. You have a great writing style.

  14. Wow. Hootin’ Anni directed me here, and I’m sure glad I was able to read your post. It was thought provoking and profound! Great job.

  15. very profound and meaningful post. I came by thanks to Hootin’ Anni too. I didn’t think of this ‘Mark’ (gospel) .Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  16. Very well written. I totally understand you. What’s bothering ME is the persons I’ve met in my life that didn’t do it for their kids, but for themselves only. I wonder how they really feel afterwards, if they are as careless as they seem to be. Hope not.

  17. This is where I want to study the Bible (and we were, before the new minister): on this personal level. I appreciate your ideas and writing

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