Weekend in Review

4 days off with nothing (ha!) to do.  Other than laundry, dishes, cook, clean, blah blah blah…. lol!

I did manage a bit of fun in my off time….

Friday morning, I did the early morning routine and hit walmart.  Hey, I had to have this!

Dale (Exclusive)

Got there at 4:30, in line, watched all the folks running about the store as I plucked this from the shelf, hit self checkout, and headed out the door.  5 minutes in store after a 1/2 hour wait.  It was worth it….spent 3 days watching it, and had a great time.

Friday pm went out and took a few photos.  Saw the train (of course), Santa, then hit Peddler’s village for some shots of thier lights.  It was lovely.  Most of the light shots are too soft or slightly blurry, since it was FREEZING and I didn’t want to tote the tripod.  Ah well….a few of the good ones:

Santa train entering Lahaska

Santa train at night with the full moon

Peddler’s Village Decorations

Elvis in the window

Saturday took a trip to DE to pick up DS from his dad, and we stopped by WWRR on the way home. Such a beautiful place. Got a few shots there before we headed back.

A quick shot of him sitting in the leaves

Steam entering the station.

Locomotive on the trestle


Add to this the list of WIP (DD afghan about 1/4 way done woohoo!) and FO’s (hat & mitten set for Christmas) and it was a pretty fruitful few days off. 🙂 I like fruitful!


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