Tammy over at Mom Knows Everything has tagged me with her modified “7 things” meme, and renamed it “seven”.  I liked the modification…and added to it.  So, here’s the “7 of the most incredibly strange, frightening and bizarre things I can possibly tell you about me” meme.  lol!!!  Rules are the usual…post em, tag em, tell em.  I’m feeling a bit punchy today!

1.  I have this weird THING about public bathrooms, avoid them at all cost, and am the worlds best squatter.  I would NEVER sit!

2.  I take showers that would scald chicken.  It has HAS to be screaming hot for me to be happy.

3.  Dirty socks and underwear gross me out.  Even my own. 

4.  I can’t STAND to see hair in a sink or drain.  I could just puke. ugh.

5. I have some compelling need to run the vacuum daily.  It’s an illness, I swear.

6.  I had stomach problems when I was a teenager (stress related) and since then, have an obsession with um….stomach health. Mine, AND other peoples. Let’s leave that one there.

7.  I have to read to fall asleep.  HAVE TO.  Even if it is a book I’ve read 100 times. There HAS to be a book in my hands. It’s very weird.

Since bizarre to some folks is sometimes scary…I’m leaving this one open ended.  Wanna tell me all about your freaky things?  I’d LOVE to hear it!  Lemme know, and I’ll put you on the list.  lol!  C’mon…it’s so cathartic! 


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  1. I love hot showers. My hubby showers are always too cold for me so we can’t conserve water by sharing a shower. LOL!

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