Christmas Project List

I mentioned a week or so ago the growing (as usual) list of Christmas items that needed to be started, and even took a moment to jot down a seemingly never ending list of stuff that needs to be done over the next couple weeks.

As of 8pm monday, the list looked like this:

Afghan – black, big enough to cover her bed. I’m thinkin that if I do my favorite diagonal, 2 strands of red heart (hey, she doesn’t care and it’s the only way it’s gonna happen) and an “M” hook….this could be pulled off. I’d really like to do one strand of black, one strand of ombre black/gray/white for some interest, but she wants black.
Mittens – not gloves, mittens. specifically. emphatically.
“one of those cool hats with flaps.” She’s so fashionable. lol!

Allison (extended dd)
Gloves (all matching. I suggested mittens, she hemmed and hawed….grrr)
Stocking for alli – this was not a request, but a requirement from me. Alli’s family is Jewish, and last year she spent her first Christmas with us. I got her a cheapie stocking last minute, but she must have a proper crocheted stocking for this year. Quick and easy, I can pull this one off in a couple hours
Christmas ornament – again, not a request, but a requirement. My kids get a new ornament of some kind every year. Theory being that when they are grown,and have trees of their own, they will have ornaments with memories for their tree. Alli got her VERY first ornament last year, store bought, this year she needs homemade too.

new mittens
fingerless gloves
like mine (he won’t wear them, but loves mine and wants some. 🙂 )


1. Have to finish the mailbox I started.
2. Have to finish the cross stitch
3. Have 3 photo calendars to make
4. A photo session that will be turned into a gift
5. 4 or 5 more hats as gifts. would like to include scarf…but thinking it ain’t gonna happen

I had to laugh. DD and EDD are talking about what they want for holidays – made-wise. DD says “where are the new scarves?” I just look at her like “are you kidding me?!?”. I’ve spoiled my kids. They KNOW there will be new winter gear each year,and now she’s torqued because I haven’t created any new scarves. Let’s ignore the pile of new hats by the door and complain about new scarves. butthead.

In our house we have a system. I have an old milk crate that I’ve used since DD was a toddler. ALL winter gear – i.e. hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, are stored in this crate. Each fall, it’s pulled out and lives by the front door all winter. NO EXCUSES for leaving the house without homemade warmth. This year, pulled out the crate, sorted, checked, blah blah blah, and stacked new stuff next to it for viewing pleasure. Thus the complaint I guess. Big new stack of hats, only one scarf specifically for DS (it’s shorter and in a color he wanted). Guess I better get busy! lol.


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2 responses to “Christmas Project List

  1. That’s a long list! I still have 4 or 5 hats and a bunch of mitts to make. I have a laundry basket by the front door with hats and mitts in it too!

  2. I hope you and your kids had a great Thanksgiving!

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