It’s Friday!

How exciting.  (note the dripping sarcasm).  It’s just another day for me, but DS always announces this as soon as he tromps down the stairs, so I’m just getting geared up.  Friday means pizza day at school….and usually for dinner too..for which he is very grateful.  Hey, it’s the little things.  🙂

I was gonna talk about Baseball today (yes, baseball) because, although there are many out there that move on to bigger and better things once the series is over, for me, it just starts the countdown to opening day.  (136 days, if you are counting).  There are some exciting things happing in the Baseball world, and some annoying ones..anyway…


Barry U. S. Bonds.  Busted dude.  You.are.going.all.the.way. LOL! Even a 5 year old can tell you you better be 150% sure of the outcome before you double dog dare someone.  But you weren’t, and you did, and now, voila, you shall reap your just rewards.  Is this the legacy you were seeking?   A wonderful legacy you are leaving, MR. (and I use THAT term loosely) Bonds…a liar, a cheat, a drug user.  In America’s GREATEST sport.  I can assure you the men in prison won’t be paying for your autograph.  Shame on you Barry Bonds.  Shame on you. 

A-Rod.  $275 million for 10 years?  Yo you must be kidding.   Let’s be honest here folks.  A 10 year deal for a-rod is ridiculous.  There’s no way he has 10 solid years left in him, and he freakin knows it.  The yanks should to…but apparently money talks. Ok….his % isn’t bad now, but he yoyo’s so much…mid 3’s, mid 2’s..c’mon.  Whadda ya thinkin here?!?     I understand (before I start getting hate mail) the whole non-salary cap-issue..get what you can get…but lets be realistic.  If you are going to pay that kind of cash for a player, which is completely ridiculous at BEST, at least get someone who’s gonna MAKE the team worthwhile for the duration of the contract.  A-Rod, not the best place to spend your dollar.

Curt Shilling – Very happy to see that he got his 1 year contract with the Sox.  I have followed  Curt’s career since the 80’s and think that he is one of the few players left who understand not only the game of baseball, but what it means to folks like me.  I haven’t always agreed with you, have gotten angry with you at times, but love to watch you play and hey, that’s what makes us human.  But as a pitcher, as a player, I respect you.  I certainly wish you all the best in this upcoming year.


This just has me so pissed it’s not funny.  I swore I wouldn’t say anything, but….well, it is on topic….

Each year, post season, I am one of those weird freaks that wait for the awards.  Yes, yes it’s true.  I’m a Baseball Geek.  So, when it’s Cy Young time, you can BET I’m glued to any media that I can be.  So there I was…tuesday afternoon…..parked in front of the computer awaiting the 2pm decision.  The house could have burned down around me….dude….I was NOT going to miss this.  And then…..well….it was ugly.  ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME THAT C.C. SABATHIA IS A BETTER PITCHER THAN JOSH BECKETT?  YOU PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HANGING AROUND WITH BARRY BONDS TOO LONG!!!!!!! (little shot there, but it was worth it)

To say that I was FUMING is the understatement of the century!  DefCon 4..6…8..It was like world war 3 with F Bombs exploding in rings around me.  “You have GOT to be “F.”….BOOM……the glass in the windows shatters flying like shrapnel… “You skanky”F”…BOOM!  That one hit the desktop….skattering pens and destroying the speakers….”F you” … BOOM…. well…you get the idea.  I was my own weapon of mass destruction.  Yes, I understand that stats don’t count post season, but still, Sabathia was 19-7 with a 3.21 ERA at 241 innings, while Beckett went 20-6 with a 3.27 ERA at 200 2/3 innings.  The guy has an arm the likes we haven’t seen in many a year….are you serious????  Sabathia??????????  arg.  ugh.  grrrrr.  blech.  ….breathe in….breathe out.  breeeeaaaatheeeeee……what I guess I should say is “congratulations Mr. Sabathia.”  That would be the ladylike thing to do.  Josh, you got the ring baby…you got the ring.

AND (I’m almost done with my tirade, I promise)

1.  There were additional Bombs dropped  2.  Terry Francona was shafted.

Well dang…I guess I ended up talkin baseball after all.  I guess sometimes things just get in your craw and you gotta let em out!  lol! 

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  1. I know what you mean about Fridays. The only thing Fridays mean around here is that the next two days there will be kids running in and out of my house all day long. Why can’t there be school on the weekends too? LOL Hope you have a good weekend!

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