Christmas Photo’s

It’s that time again….time to create the obligatory christmas photo for the folks far away.  I’ve been trying to decide what this year’s theme would be, and am not feeling inspired.  I think my head is so full of other stuff….I dunno.  Anybody else struggling with this idea?  What are you doing for your holiday card photos?  Do people still send these?  Am I off the hook???  lol!  ANYway….I pulled out the 2004 and 2005 shots to see if they brought inspiration.  Here’s 2004:

And this was 2005, taken in OC MD while on Vacation.  There were a few changes between the two, no?

(yes, my son is the whitest white child you will ever meet.  he reflects sunlight!) 2006 we didn’t do a formal shot, I just sent out photos of the kids that I had taken and DD’s graduation photos.  

I guess I better get my head together on this pretty quick, so I can get them taken, printed, and ready for sending.  Now, if I could just get us all together at one TIME…I’d be set! 



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3 responses to “Christmas Photo’s

  1. me

    i guess i do like you as a blonde

  2. Wow…look at the hottie!!! You look great!!! I totally forgot about Christmas photos. I think I might try to take the kids picture myself this year. Now, I just have to get Aidan to sit still long even for me to take the picture and Aurora to put something other than a smart alec t-shirt on. Wish me luck!!!

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