Photographers Glove un-pattern

Fingerless gloves, photographers gloves, whatever you call them, I’m so glad you all enjoyed the pic, so I thought I would put down the pattern, or, rather, the UNpattern for them!

These are so easy, I hate to post.  Til now, I’m sure you thought of me as an Amazing crocheter/knitter/fiber artist/sewer/mom, but this, well, this will prove that I am nothing if not simple, and my veil of greatness will be soiled.  Alas, I give it all up for you, dear reader.  Ah jeez….coffee out the nose from laughing so hard over that last part. 

Anywhozit…here we go.  I swear to you, if you can crochet in sc, you can make these gloves and astound your friends.  You will be the hit at parties, invited to the upcoming primaries, and be voted mom of the year.  Trust me nudge nudge, wink wink.

First, turn on M*A*S*H*, since humor is distracting and necessary most of the time.  PLUS, DS has never seen them, and was intrigued (it was the christmas episode, which prompted lots of questions)  Then, put dinner in the oven (hey, we gotta multi-task, right?)  Then……..With a “J” hook, or your choice (I used J, cuz it was my choice), chain something equal to what you want the length of the cuff to be.  Want sleeves, chain a lot.  Mine, I ch 11 (because I am anal, and it had to be 10, which is an even number) SC in 2nd ch from hook, and across.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in back loops only across.  Do this until the cuff will fit around your wrist. (I did 20 rows….again….anal.)  Sl St the last row to the first row, completing the cuff.  Ch 1.  SC in each st across the end of the cuff you just made.  Keep going round and round until it’s the length to the base of your thumb.  Mine was 6 rows.  Ch a length to fit around your thumb (mine was 6…tho I tried 5).  I skipped 3 st, sc into the next st, and went round and round, working in the 6 ch stitchs too, until it’s the length you want. (mine was 8 more rows.  Run in ends.  Make one more.  voila!  Sit back and enjoy the accolades! It took longer to type than to make!  For those less verbal in their work:

1.  Ch 11 st, or length needed.
2. Sc in each st across, ch 1, turn
3. SC in BLO of each stitch, Ch 1, turn. Repeat until length will comfortably fit wrist.
4. SL St first and last row together.
5. SC across top of work. Do not ch, do not turn.
6. Continue in rnds until length to base of thumb is reached.
7. Ch length to fit over thumb, sc in appropriate sc and around.
8. Continue until length desired is reached.

Make em, take pics of em, and lemme see! We’ll start a new trend and be the “Hip photographers” or some such nonsense. LOL!

Hey, wanna know how to make my AMAZING-too easy for words-done in a few hours-christmas stocking? Let me know!


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